Fishpriest: Check Out a Clip From Audible's New Scripted Series Starring Ethan Hawke (Exclusive)

It's been a big year for actor Ethan Hawke, as he already starred in the Marvel series Moon Knight and also has the horror film The Black Phone landing in theaters in just a few weeks, but for fans who can't seem to get enough of the performer, you can also check out his all-new podcast series Fishpriest, an Audible Original created and produced by Treefort Media, which premieres this week. While the new series might not be straightforward horror, it embraces a number of dark and macabre themes to unravel a compelling tale of crime and murder. You can check out an exclusive clip from Fishpriest above before it premieres on Audible on May 19th.

Per press release, "Ethan Hawke stars in the dark, thrilling, character-driven crime drama, Fishpriest, premiering Thursday, May 19th exclusively on Audible and produced by Treefort Media. Dripping with blood, drugs, violence, and murder, this cinematic Audible Original written by Mike Batistick is presented in eight-episodes with an intense, wall-to-wall sound design and grim and gritty performances at a fever pitch.

"The Bronx, 1993. Crack is king. Crime is rampant. Tommy 'Fishpriest' Barth -- nicknamed after his weapon of choice, a club that's meant to kill fish but works on people just fine -- sees the chaos firsthand at Concourse Bail Bonds. Today, Tommy's a bounty hunter, but he was a cop up until two years ago, when an all-consuming undercover operation to bust one of the most notorious crime syndicates the city's ever seen – the Jamaican Shower Posse – destroyed his marriage, drove him to addiction, and cost him his badge. Tommy thought he'd banished the JSP from the Bronx forever. But with the crack epidemic in full swing, they're back -- and they're stronger. When Tommy's ex-partner offers him a shot at redemption, he chooses to risk everything he's rebuilt. Will he survive this time?"

While Hawke has delivered audiences a number of compelling characters over the years, he has only recently begun to embrace his more sinister sides, which was an active choice on his part to explore more of his acting abilities.

"I've always had this theory that when you teach an audience how to see the demon inside you, they don't unsee it for the rest of your career," Hawke revealed to Entertainment Weekly earlier this year. "Jack Nicholson can be playing an accountant and you're still waiting for him to explode like he did in The Shining. It changes your relationship to a performer, so I've always been nervous about it. But I realized I'm on the other side of 50 and it's time to put a new tool in the tool kit. Villains might be my future."  

Check out Fishpriest exclusively on Audible on May 19th.

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