Legends of Tomorrow Fans Are Already Lobbying James Gunn To Save the Show

In the months since its cancellation, fans of The CW's DC's Legends of Tomorrow have remained not just vocal but very loud -- both on social media and in the real world -- about their hope to revive the series. Legends ended this spring after a seven-season run -- but the creatives behind the series did not know it was the end, and so the show introduced a major new DC character, and ended on a cliffhanger. Not exactly the place you want your cult-favorite series to close out its run. And now, with James Gunn and Peter Safran named as the new heads of DC's film and TV studio, they've got somebody new to talk to.

Fans of the series -- both individuals who are excited to have a new ear to bend, and the official campaign aimed at saving the show -- took to social media today to ask Gunn and Safran to save the quirky show about a group of C-list, time-traveling superheroes. 

"James Gunn and Peter Safran, you now not only hold the keys to the DCEU, but also the keys to the Waverider," the campaign Twitter account posted shortly after today's announcement. "We humbly ask you to #SaveLegendsOfTomorrow."

You can see the official campaign tweet below.

Dan Park, a former writer on Legends of Tomorrow who is now working at Marvel Studios, responded to the news with a simple "James Gunn Bring Back Legends of Tomorrow Challenge." That tweet came so close to Chancellor Agard saying "James Gunn save Legends of Tomorrow challenge" that you would need a photo finish to figure out which came up with the joke first. Agard, who covered the Arrowverse for Entertainment Weekly is launching a Legends of Tomorrow rewatch podcast soon.

A quick glance at a "Legends of Tomorrow" search on Twitter reveals plenty of other fans who had the same idea.

"I'm gonna need James Gunn to save #Batwoman and #LegendsOfTomorrow PLEASE," said Jorgie of Baguette Reviews. "Especially since Legends is right up his alley comedy wise!!"

"Now that James Gunn and Peter Safran are heading DC Studios, can they please release Batgirl & greenlight resolution for Legend of Tomorrow's huge cliffhanger?" asked Matthew Catania.

Legends of Tomorrow launched as a vehicle for supporting characters from Arrow and The Flash whose stories had wrapped up on those shows, but who had become fan favorites. Brought together by Time Master Rip Hunter, the team navigated a timeship through the history of the DC Universe, fixing anacronisms and anomalies in the timestream. Over the years, the show got progressively more strange and wild, with its characters and stories diverging wildly from the comic book source material...and both critics and audiences rewarded the new-look Legends with a lot more love than its first two seasons had managed to get.

In its later seasons, Legends was praised for creative storytelling, its ability to constantly reinvent itself, and a commitment to diverse representation that has rarely been equaled in superhero media. Its cancellation came as part of a broader move by The CW's new ownership at Nexstar to cut down on expensive original programming in order to reduce the network's debt.