LEGO Masters Season 2: Jack and Dawn Reveal Biggest Surprises, What They Would Change, and More

During week 2 of LEGO Masters, the contestants were charged with crafting an action-movie tyle [...]

During week 2 of LEGO Masters, the contestants were charged with crafting an action-movie tyle hero shot out of LEGO bricks, and the competition produced some really unique builds. That included the display from fan favorites Dawn and Jack, who created not just a jewelry store set to explode but went all out in creating a neighborhood that felt incredibly true to life. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough to keep them from leaving the competition, but had the chance to speak to them after the episode, where we talked all about the one-of-a-kind experience of being on the show, what they might do differently if they could start the build over, and more!

One of the things that they didn't necessarily expect when joining the show was how giving and supportive all of the contestants are of one another, creating a bit of a family dynamic on set.

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I think because I've seen last season, I knew there was some camaraderie that was built, but I didn't think it would be quite to the extent that it is," Dawn said. "It was just kind of really amazing. And we're still in contact with all these builders and we call them friends and family now. It's just awesome."

"I did not expect it to be honest with you. I don't know. There are no words to describe the camaraderie that we have with these people still today. And the support that everybody gives everybody, it's just a whole new sense of life to me," Jack said. "I'm a biker, so it's a little different lifestyle, and I mean, my parents raised me right, don't get me wrong, but I chose to go down a little rougher path for part of my life. So this all restores my faith in my fellow man. I don't know. That kind of sounds cliche, but that's kind of where it's at."

Competing in LEGO Masters seems like a challenge from the viewer's perspective, but it can only feel 10 times as challenging if you're actually in the midst of it. However, sometimes it isn't the clock ticking down that presents the biggest challenge during the build.

"Remembering where the different pieces were drove me nuts, because you've got thousands of pieces in the brick pit, and that was one of the toughest things," Jack said. "The clock didn't really bother me because I kind of had tunnel vision focusing on the task, but trying to remember where this part was, or that part was, that drove me nuts. And thank God the other people, if somebody else was down in the brick pit with you, well, that's over there, or that's over on that wall. Thank God, bless them for that."

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"Part of what Jack said, even with the tunnel vision, there are cameras everywhere," Dawn said. "I build by myself usually, like one room. And if I'm lucky, I have the radio on. Let alone there are no webcams, there are no cameras, there's no producer asking me this question or that question while I'm trying to build those up. Nobody usually comes up to bother me unless it was dinner time and I forgot to cook. But having all those cameras, and it's not just one camera focused on you, they're all over. And sometimes they're bumping right into your table because they're filming the person next to you. Or they say, 'You need to get on the other side so we can film you both on the same side of the table.' Well, what I need to work on is on the other side so that got hard. So it's like, 'Get the camera out of my way. I got to work.'"

Looking back at their Jewelry Store build, if they had a chance to take a second shot at it, we wanted to know what (if anything) they would change or make adjustments to, and they had a few ideas, including a flying toilet!

"A little bit. Something I was thinking about when I was looking at it was, we probably could have used a big villain," Dawn said. "In the story, we had rats, I called them the rats at the Jewelry Store. So we had a big rat sitting on top of the jewelry store sign. And then he exploded. I think that would have been a little more dynamic than what we had. We had the small town USA buildings, and I'm very proud of what we put forward there, but there were some things that we could have probably done differently."

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"Right. Yeah. A lot more projectiles, I guess, would be the best way to put it, flying in the air. Weaker walls, that was one of our biggest downfalls was the fact that our walls were so strengthened that they didn't really go the way we were anticipating," Jack said. "And there was a toilet that was supposed to fly up in the air, and at the last minute, I took the base off of it. So it kind of disintegrated before it flew up in the air so nobody could have told what the heck it was anyway. But that would've been a classic moment had it actually worked the way we intended it to."

So, if given the chance to return to the show or perhaps in a fan-favorite episode, would they be up for it? The answer is an emphatical yes.

"In a heartbeat," Jack said.

"You never know when you make it around, so everybody has to keep watching and see what happens," Dawn said. "But I was so pleased with my experience on the show in general. If something fails, use that as a learning experience and take your game to the next level at that point. And that's what we tried to do, it was like, 'Okay, this didn't work, but next time we have to do this, we will know how to do it.' So I guess that's just kind of how you need to look at things. Take it as a learning experience, no matter how good or poorly you do."

"Yes. Oh, absolutely. They don't even need to ask. I'll be there. No problem at all," Jack said. "As far as advice, go big, do your research, keep trying, keep learning is the key thing for me. There's always something to learn as far as I'm concerned."

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