Marvel's MODOK Launches With Perfect Score On Rotten Tomatoes

Marvel's MODOK animated series has launched with a perfect score on Rotten Tomatoes. At the time [...]

Marvel's MODOK animated series has launched with a perfect score on Rotten Tomatoes. At the time of writing this, the first batch of critical reviews for MODOK adds up to 100% - albeit with a limited number of reviews (just five critics). Still, getting even five critics to all agree that a show is worth watching - to the point of a perfect aggregate score - is saying something. Not many people have been expressing big hopes and expectations for MODOK, so this strong word-of-mouth could be a big boost for the Hulu series. As for why critics are loving the show - check out some choice quotes from the first reviews, below!

First of all, critic (and Marvel aficionado) Adam Barnhart says in his official Marvel's MODOK review that the series is "Insanely hilarious and surprisingly heartfelt." As he says in his review:

"Marvel's MODOK is an animated comedy geared for adults, there's no denying that... Honestly, that may be a huge part of the show's charm... At the end of the day, MODOK never strays too far from its comedy, and that's where it thrives. It's a well-rounded offering from the House of Ideas that's one of the company's most exciting and original properties yet. It ends as fast as it starts, and that will definitely leave you wanting more. It's hilarious, surprisingly heartfelt, and entirely insane wrapped up into one oversized noggin, and Marvel has a hit on its hands."

Marvel MODOK Reviews Perfect Rotten Tomatoes Score
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"The show is just a really solid piece of comedy, from the writing to the animation of the toy-like characters, to the (naturally) Easter egg-filled background gags," says AV Club. "It shows how malleable the superhero genre is once you accept the fact that people don't need to be carefully guided through a comic book universe anymore. The Marvel movies are often at their best when they twist a superhero story into the shape of a different genre, and it's about time that TV similarly embraced the cool things that can be done with comic books if you just shut up and let them be as weird as M.O.D.O.K. is."

Den of Geek adds MODOK is "as cynical and gross as the Deadpool films without even that franchise's moral compass…which is saying something. But the shock value and gross-out humor work inside the constraints of the show, and viewers who love this type of outrageous mischief will enjoy watching all of M.O.D.O.K.'s hijinks without ever being quite certain whether to root for him—or hope that someone eventually serves his just desserts."

All 10 episodes of MODOK hit Hulu on May 21st. If you haven't signed up for Hulu yet you can try it out here.