Matt Bomer On a Potential Chuck Return: "Oh, Hell Yes"

While it's hardly his most recognizable role, Doom Patrol and The Mandalorian actor Matt Bomer can [...]

While it's hardly his most recognizable role, Doom Patrol and The Mandalorian actor Matt Bomer can never totally shake questions about Chuck. The NBC spy comedy ran for five seasons, and during that time, Bomer played the role of Bryce Larkin in seven episodes over the first two seasons. That might not seem like a lot for a series that ran five years, but between Bomer's subsequent success -- he ended up on White Collar and became a familiar face to TV fans everywhere right after Chuck -- and the fact that it was Bryce whose actions kickstarted all the events of the series, there's a feeling among some fans that if there was some kind of Chuck revival, it would be cool to let Bryce at least have a cameo.

It seems the actor would be down to do it. Having already "died" at the end of season one and then died again in season two, Bomer would have an uphill battle to get back into the role...but nothing is impossible, especially in the world of reunion and revival projects.

"Oh, HELL yes," Bomer told ComicBook when we asked whether he would consider a return to the Buy More. "I had the best time on that job. It was so fun, and it's really because of that job that, I got White Collar. Jeff Eastin had seen that, and it was such a great role to play. To come in, do these great action sequences, have these romantic, fun scenes with Yvonne Strahovski, and then bounce. It was so fun. I would do it in a heartbeat."

In the series, Bomer plays a CIA agent who is desperate to hide a virtual supercomputer, loaded with government secrets. Before destroying the version he has, he uploads a file and sends it to a college friend, enabling him to "download" the contents of the computer by looking at the patterns formed by the file. After that, the friend (Chuck, played by Zachary Levi) becomes the world's most important intelligence asset...and his tortured relationship with his old college pal-turned-romantic-rival only gets worse.

Bomer's explosive career in the years since have left some fans wishing they'd had more of a chance to sit with Bryce -- after all, lots of less beloved characters lasted more than two seasons -- but Bomer says he has no regrets.

"I had a good run there," Bomer said. "I think I died twice on it, so it's not every show you get to come back from the dead on."

Bomer spoke with ComicBook in support of the upcoming, animated DC Universe feature Justice Society: World War II. You can look for the rest of our conversation with him a little closer to the film's release.

You can stream Chuck on Amazon Prime. Justice Society: World War II is set to be released digitally on April 27, with a DVD and Blu-ray release coming two weeks later on May 11.