Mayans M.C. Showrunner Confirms "War" With Sons of Anarchy in Season 4

The past and present are colliding in a major way when Mayans M.C. returns for its fourth season next month. The hit FX series is spun out of the world created in Sons of Anarchy, telling the story of different characters in a different motorcycle club, but the influence of SOA has loomed large over Mayans for the first three seasons. Some SOA characters have appeared on Mayans, entangling the stories of the two shows from time-to-time. In Season 4, the Sons are taking on a much bigger role, as they are going to war with the Mayans.

The events of the first three seasons of Mayans M.C. have raised tensions between the two motorcycle clubs, opening old wounds and creating plenty of fresh ones. Now, as the Mayans are in the middle of an internal collapse, the Sons are ready to ride into action. During this week's TCA panel, Mayans M.C. co-creator and showrunner Elgin James opened up to Deadline about the war that lies ahead.

"I don't think [the past] is ever going to go away," James said. "Once the water breaks the dyke, I don't know if it ever ends. I don't know how you put that back together. We start [the season] off with a bang; we come out swinging. There's more action in the first episode than there was in the three earlier seasons. We will take our time and be patient because we also have to reset ourselves emotionally. But once it starts rolling again, there's no stopping it. [The war] is definitely going to take a season, and it may take the rest of these characters a lifetime."

Season 3 of Mayans M.C. ended with many of the club's charters showing up in Santo Padre, preparing for a civil war of sorts after a power struggle divided the club. It felt like that battle would be the central struggle of the new season, but the Sons of Anarchy still have problems with the Mayans that need to be settled. Montez, an SOA member who first appeared in the original series, was murdered as a direct result of the Mayans' actions. That alone is enough for the club to go to war.

This is shaping up to be the most action-packed — and potentially devastating — season of Mayans M.C. yet. Are you excited for the premiere to arrive? Let us know in the comments!

Mayans M.C. Season 4 kicks off with a two-episode premiere on FX on April 19th. New episodes will be available to stream on Hulu the morning after they air.