NBC Cancels New Thriller After Major Season One Cliffhanger

A TV show ending after just one season is never fun for fans. It's especially frustrating, though, when a series gets an early ax after a substantial cliffhanger, as viewers will never get to know if things were resolved. That, unfortunately, is the fate being handed to The Endgame, the globe-trotting thriller starring Morena Baccarin and Ryan Michelle Bathe. The NBC series isn't being given a second season.

NBC made a lot of decisions on Thursday in regards to its upcoming fall TV slate. Sophomore comedies like Kenan and Mr. Mayor were cancelled, while freshman sitcoms American Auto and Grand Crew got the nod for Season 2. The Endgame suffered the same fate as the Kenan Thompson and Ted Danson vehicles.

What is now the series finale of The Endgame aired on May 2nd and concluded with a massive cliffhanger. After Elena seemingly escaped Val and went on the run, Lady Belok made the biggest move yet, kidnapping Elena's daughter and potentially killing Sergey. The final moment of the season saw Val pick up the phone with a frantic Elena on the other end, asking for her help. 

Combining that final twist with other big moments in the episode, like Val discovering the map to the nesting dolls hiding inside her jacket, fans of The Endgame are left with a ton of questions they likely won't ever get answered.

Aside from the twists and turns of the thrilling story, the biggest strength of The Endgame was the chemistry between Baccarin and Bathe. While speaking to ComicBook.com earlier this year, Baccarin opened up about working with her scene partner.

"I think the sparring is exactly what we're doing and you have to have mutual respect for each other when you're doing that because you know you have a worthy opponent," Baccarin told us. "And I think that that's what makes this relationship really work is that we can match each other and she's smart enough. She falls for some traps, but not others. She's smart enough to figure out kind of how I'm giving information and how to put the pieces together. And I think hopefully, as the show goes on, you could see these two people get closer and closer, maybe closer and closer in the same side."

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