Reginald the Vampire Renewed for Season 2

A lot of shows aren't making it to their sophomore seasons these days, but SyFy just revealed some good news for fans of Reginald the Vampire. The series is based on Johnny B. Truant's Fat Vampire novels and stars Spider-Man: No Way Home's Jacob Batalon as Reginald, and it is officially getting a second season. The Hollywood Reporter shared the news today along with the reveal that the fan-favorite Chucky series is getting a third season.

Reginald the Vampire is a comedy-tinged drama "with a lot of heart and just enough blood" that "proves the undead life is just as complicated as life itself." Reginald the Vampire "turns traditional vampire tropes on their head while draining the blood from modern-day beauty standards." The show also stars Mandela Van Peebles, Savannah Basley, Em Haine, Aren Buchholz, Marguerite Hanna, and Thailey Roberge. 

"The only thing better than getting the opportunity to make a season of television with Syfy is to get the opportunity to do it again," series creator and executive producer Harley Peyton shared in a statement. "All of us – cast and crew, writers, producers – can hardly wait." Batalon also shared the news in his Instagram stories, writing, "We're back, baby." 

Did Jacob Batalon Ask Tom Holland For Leading Man Advice? 

Last year, Batalon spoke with's Liam Crowley about his new starring role and explained why he didn't go to Spider-Man star Tom Holland for advice on starring in his own project. 

"I feel like I wasn't really looking for advice. I feel like TH is very much a supportive person of me, obviously my brother for life," Batalon explained. "But I feel like this was a journey that I had to take on my own. I think that was my journey." Batalon added, "I watched a lot of great successful people work and operate on movie sets. I feel like I learned a lot from watching and understanding ... Without their example for me to follow, I wouldn't know where to begin."

What Is Reginald the Vampire About?

SYFY describes Reginald the Vampire as follows: "Imagine a world populated by beautiful, fit, and vain vampires. Reginald Andres (Batalon) tumbles headlong into it as an unlikely hero who will have to navigate every kind of obstacle — the girl he loves but can't be with, a bully manager at work, and the vampire chieftain who wants him dead. Fortunately, Reginald discovers he has a few unrecognized powers of his own." 

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