New 'Rick and Morty' Funko Wave Includes a Pickle Rick Action Figure

Funko just released a new wave of items for Rick and Morty fans and, for once, the most exciting [...]


Funko just released a new wave of items for Rick and Morty fans and, for once, the most exciting thing isn't the Pop figures. It's this Pickle Rick action figure. Of all the Pickle Rick things you can buy, this just might be the Pickle Rickiest.

You can pre-order the Pickle Rick figure here along with new Pop figures of Teacher Rick, Slick Morty, Noob Noob, Froopyland Beth, Kiara, and Unity. You'll also be able to find Galactic Plush Birdperson, Lizard Morty, Noob Noob, Tinkles and Morty Jr. Finally, look for Pop Keychains of Noob Noob, Pickle Rick, Pickle Rick wearing a rat suit, and Tinkles.

As far as exclusives are concerned, keep an eye out for a Tiny Rick Pop figure at BoxLunch - most likely in the November / December timeframe.


Another interesting thing that Funko is doing outside of their POp figures are these amazingly ridiculous DC Primal Age figures. Much like their Savage World line, Funko's DC Primal Age figures feature a super muscular He-Man and the Masters of the Universe vibe that's right out of the '80s.


Funko describes DC Primal Age as a "brutal, barbaric world ruled by ferocious warriors" where heroes like Wonder Woman, Batman, Aquaman, an Green Lantern can't afford to miss leg day. Indeed, they need to stay as beefy as possible in order to best foes like Scarecrow, King Shark, Mr. Freeze, and The Joker.

If all of this wasn't enough, the collection also includes Battle Cat-esque rides dubbed Ace the Bathound and The Joker Beast. There's even a Batcave lair done in the style of the Castle Greyskull playset.

If you appreciate the absurdity of the DC Primal Age lineup, the entire collection is an Amazon exclusive that's available to pre-order via this link with shipping slated for November 15th.

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