Riverdale Recap: Everything You Missed in "Lock and Key"

There have been absolutely no shortage of buzzworthy moments so far in Riverdale's fifth season, [...]

There have been absolutely no shortage of buzzworthy moments so far in Riverdale's fifth season, as the series established a brand-new status quo with its massive time-jump into the future. One of the biggest highlights of that narrative decision has been seeing all of the new relationships come about, both platonic and romantic. Those aspects were expected to go into a whole new territory with this week's episode — and it looks like it definitely delivered on that front. If you need to catch up on the most essential details and storylines from Riverdale's latest episode, we're here to help. Here are the biggest reveals and Easter eggs from "Chapter Eighty-Four: Lock and Key." Obviously, spoilers for the latest episode of Riverdale, "Chapter Eighty-Four: Lock and Key", below! Only look if you want to know!


Kevin hooks up with a guy at the truck stop, which he is hiding from Fangs and Toni. Kevin and Fangs previously used to be in an open relationship, but Fangs suggest that they become monogamous — and engaged. They also reveal, alongside Toni, to their friends that they're going to raise Toni's baby as a group. This news upsets Cheryl, but Toni reveals to her that she has a medical condition that would've prevented her from having a baby at an older age, so the circumstances of her life, Kevin's, and Fang's worked out perfectly.

Archie puts on his firefighter uniform for Betty before they hook up. After Kevin asks Betty what's going on with her personal life, she reveals that she and Archie are together — but keeping it casual. Meanwhile, Eric doubts whether or not Archie is truly over Veronica. Betty looks into the body that was found at the swamp, but it isn't Polly. One night, Betty has a nightmare of Polly being a victim of the TBK, and she calls for Archie to keep her company. The next day, Archie tells Eric that he has feelings for Betty — but isn't completely over Veronica.

Veronica meets with Archie about renovating her and Chad's apartment, in part because she needs a major change in her life. Later, Katy Keene calls Veronica to tell her that Chad is in New York trying to make her jealous, and Veronica retaliates by getting involved with the home renovation with Archie and Eric. Later, Archie and Veronica discuss whether or not they still have feelings for each other.

Alice tells Betty that Polly called her for help, and sounded like she might've been inside a spaceship.

Jughead and Tabitha meet with a scientist about the Mothman specimen, but it doesn't lead them anywhere, outside of being asked to join a support group for Mothman victims. Meanwhile, Jughead begins to hallucinate the Mothman, and decides to join the support group, but is triggered into remembering a darker — an instance where he blacked out for a significant amount of time.

Cheryl decides to host a key party and invites everyone, for the sake of them all having one last night of debauchery. Kevin tells Fangs to invite one of his casual hookups to the party — and he brings Rick, the trucker that Kevin was hooking up with. Cheryl addresses the party and establishes parameters. Veronica draws Archie's key, which immediately upsets Chad — to the point where they have to leave. Jughead and Tabitha also leave, after Jughead gets very drunk. Eric draws Minerva's keys. Reggie draws Fangs' keys and they kiss. Kevin draws Rick's keys. Betty draws Archie's keys. Cheryl and Toni are partnered up by default, and Cheryl offers Toni a nursery for her baby at Thornhill, but Toni doesn't accept it.

Meanwhile, Rick and Kevin have a heartfelt conversation, and Rick says that he's rooting for Kevin and Fangs' relationship to succeed. Tabitha brings Jughead back to her house and tells him to speak to a trauma therapist about his blackout, and he falls asleep on her couch. Kevin comes home to find Fangs, who reveals that he and Reggie didn't do anything. Kevin tells Fangs that he doesn't want to get married because they're at different stages in their lives.

Archie tells Betty that he still has feelings for Veronica, and she accepts it, arguing that she doesn't want her darkness to affect Archie. He doesn't accept that, but she asks him to just keep being her friend.

The next day, Cheryl presents Minerva with a painting she did of her, and they kiss.

Veronica visits Archie at the fire station, revealing that she and Chad are getting a divorce. Archie tells Veronica about his and Betty's hookups, but it doesn't deter her, and they kiss.

Betty and Alice get a call from Polly, who confirms that she's on the Lonely Highway. They track down her location, but find the payphone she was calling from destroyed and covered in blood.

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