Saturday Night Live Host Brendan Gleeson Reveals What Paddington Bear Is Really Like

After releasing a genuinely hilarious promo for his upcoming hosting duties just yesterday, Saturday Night Live has debuted some traditional promos for Brendan Gleeson's upcoming episode of the weekly comedy series. The new promos feature Gleeson, musical guest Willow (daughter of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith), and series star Chloe Fineman, making jokes not only about his appearance in The Tragedy of Macbeth, his Irish roots, and also his work in the Paddington movies. When asked by Willow what Paddington is like in real life, Gleeson replies: "Honestly? Total diva." Check out the full series of promos below and watch the episode this Saturday on NBC and Peacock.

Considering the things that Saturday Night Live has harvested for its hosts in years past it wouldn't be surprising for a Paddington-themed sketch to make it to air this week. We previously theorized that Gleeson's time playing "Mad-Eye" Moody in the Harry Potter movies could be ripe fodder for the show, as well as the fact that he previously played Donald Trump in The Comey Rule on Showtime (and was nominated for a Golden Globe for his performance)..

The former president is a frequent target for ridicule by Saturday Night Live, even before he got into politics, but he's often lampooned on SNL. After Alec Baldwin stopped performing as Trump on the series, regular performer James Austin Johnson was given the gig, and has largely become the favorite for not only how he manages to nail Trump's voice but also his manner of speaking. Dueling Trumps between Gleeson and Johnson seems to be a likely sketch at some point on the new episode  

Even though only one episode of Saturday Night Live has been released in season 48. First the opening credits for the new season left off one key cast member, Cecily Strong, who wasn't previously confirmed to have departed; it was later confirmed that she will return to the series but is currently shooting another project. Another was after a sketch made it to air featuring host Miles Tenner and other mainstays dressed up as the bear family from the Charmin brand toilet paper commercials. As some pointed out, the sketch was eerily familiar to a sketch filmmaker Joel Haver shared with fans online back in July, though Haver doesn't believe there was any ill intent.


Saturday Night Live Season 48 is ongoing now with new episodes airing on both NBC and Peacock. All 47 seasons of Saturday Night Live are also now streaming on Peacock.