Saturday Night Live: Pedro Pascal Uses Monologue to Reveal The Mandalorian's Voice is a "Bedroom Voice"

Pedro Pascal wasted no time reminding everyone where they've seen him, or heard him, before with his Saturday Night Live monologue. The Last of Us star was quick to joke about the filming conditions of his new HBO series, but also had some quick jabs to be thrown at his role in the Lucasfilm and Disney+ hit, The Mandalorian. As Pascal put it, even if people are fans of the show and his performance, they may not always know that he's actually the one behind the mask.

"It's an honor being a part of these huge franchises like Game of THrones and Star Wars, but I'm still getting used to people recognizing me," Pascal said. "The other day a guy stopped me on the street and said 'My son loves The Mandalorian,' and the next thing I know I'm FaceTiming with a six-year-old who has no idea who I am because my character wears a mask for the entire show. The guy's like 'Just do the Mando voice,' but the Mando voice is like a bedroom voice. Without the mask it just sounds porny. So people walking by on the street just see me whispering to a six-year-old kid, 'I can bring you in warm or I can bring you in cold.'

Regarding The Last of Us, Pascal compared the filming conditions for his hit new series and their other critical darling, The White Lotus. He adds, "I spent the last year shooting a show called The Last of Us on HBO. For some HBO shows you get to shoot in a five star Italian resort surrounded by beautiful people, but I said, no that's too easy. I want to shoot in a freezing Canadian forest by a guy whose head looks like a genital wart." Watch the full monologue for yourself below.

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