Sons of Anarchy Creator Finally Explains the Homeless Woman

While the final season of FX's Sons of Anarchy answered most of the questions created throughout the series by creator Kurt Sutter, one major mystery remained. The Homeless Woman that appeared at some of the most pivotal moments in all seven seasons of Sons of Anarchy was never given a full identity, nor was her purpose explained. Many believe that she's some sort of reincarnation of Emily Putner, a woman that was accidentally killed as a result of John Teller's suicide, but that was never confirmed.

The character had a supernatural aura about her, and it made most fans question whether she was real or some manifestation of an otherworldly force. A fan on social media recently asked Sutter if he could reveal the purpose of the Homeless Woman, and he did just that. But in typical Sutter fashion, the explanation is just as head-scratching as the problem itself.

"She's the magic that anarchy summons and the morality it extinguishes," Sutter wrote. "She's the bringer of eternal light and the harbinger of all things dark. She's the ying, the yang and the yong. She's the alpha and the omerta. She's the first breath of life and the final gasp into death. She's the mother, the father and the holy goat. She is everything you need, and nothing you want. She is the chicken and the squirrel, and all their broken eggs and rotting acorns. She is the binge, the purge, the hunger and the shame. She is you, me and your Uncle Murray."


It seems like the Homeless Woman is essentially a Christ-like figure, representing both the beginning and the end of things. This notion, which Sutter has alluded to in interviews before, is backed up by symbolism surrounding the character. If you recall, the last time the Homeless Woman is seen in the series, she has bread and wine, two things that have long represented the body and blood of Jesus Christ in the church. The very last shot of the entire series shows bread and wine on the side of the road where Jax dies, soon joined by the blood of the main character.

Sutter's explanation doesn't offer a ton of clarity into who the Homeless Woman actually is, but it does help fans understand what she represents, as well as the thought that went into her role on the show.