Star Wars Rebels Actress Would Get Major Makeover in a "Heartbeat" for Live-Action Sabine

This season of The Mandalorian has seen two beloved animated characters make the jump to [...]

This season of The Mandalorian has seen two beloved animated characters make the jump to live-action with Bo-Katan Kryze and Ahsoka Tano, with the actress who has voiced Sabine Wren in Star Wars Rebels, Tiya Sircar, professing her interest in playing the character for a live-action appearance. To do so, the actress would have to sport a much shorter hairstyle and also dye her hair bright purple, but if it means she gets to bring the beloved character to life, the makeover wouldn't slow her down in the slightest. With Sabine being a Mandalorian herself, we surely shouldn't rule out an upcoming appearance.

When a fan on Twitter asked Sircar about her interest in playing the character and sporting a new hairstyle, Sircar confirmed, "To play Sabine? IN. A. HEARTBEAT."

When audiences last saw Sabine, she was teaming up with Ahsoka in the finale of Star Wars Rebels to go out into the galaxy to search for Ezra Bridger. With The Mandalorian being set in roughly the same time period as that finale and with Ahsoka rumored to be getting her own spinoff series, we surely wouldn't be surprised to see Sabine make the jump to live-action. Given that Bo-Katan was voiced in animation by Katee Sackhoff, who then played the character in The Mandalorian, there's also a precedent of a voice performer embodying the character for live-action.

Sircar once detailed how, more than just a character, Sabine was a personal inspiration for the actress.

"She's just an inspiration, to me anyway, and I hope to you girls and boys. They think, 'Dang, this chick has her head on right,'" Sircar previously shared with "Maybe just the fact that, the more and more female characters like that we get to see, I feel will change the conversation about the kinds of female characters and the importance of female characters. Little girls can maybe, hopefully, look up to her, but also little boys, too. The more little boys can watch this capable, strong, kick-butt character, who just happens to be a girl, their perspectives will hopefully change. Jyn, Rey, Hera, Ahsoka, I feel like we won't even have to talk about 'she's a strong female character,' just that they're amazing characters. That's my hope, and I think Star Wars is doing right by future generations of Star Wars audiences, because pretty soon, little boys and little girls will be playing with adventure figures and then I'll be like, 'Girls, boys, who cares?' It's awesome."

Rumors have also claimed that Star Wars Rebels could be getting an animated sequel.

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