Star Wars: The Clone Wars Artist Reveals Darth Vader Concept Art

Darth Vader made a surprise appearance in the final scene of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. One of the [...]

Darth Vader made a surprise appearance in the final scene of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. One of the show's artists is lifting the curtain on how the Dark Lord of the Sith came to animated series. Kilian Plunkett shared some of his Darth Vader artwork from the show's finale and explained how he created the design. "As requested, here's the turn for Darth Vader as seen in the coda for The Clone Wars," Plunkett writes on Instagram. "The process for this design was unusual. Normally I'd create the 2d art and the geometry of the final model would be based on that. This time, I opened the 3D model of Vader from 'Rebels' and tweaked it to fit the Clone Wars look. Then I worked over flat renders to make these clean, detailed drawings."

The final episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, "Victory and Death," occurs at the same time as Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith. Following Anakin skywalker's duel with Obi-Wan Kenobi and transforming into Darth Vader, the Emperor's apprentice visits the planet where Ahsoka crash-landed. He discovers only Clone Trooper helmets and an abandoned lightsaber. He then looks up and sees Morai flying above the carnage.

That ending almost what a little differently. "I used to have different versions of that and the way it [Morai] landed," series producer Dave Filoni revealed in June. "There were always common things about it. At one point I had that bird perched on the Y-wing fighter and it wasn't playing right. You have to play with it and it's always a race to get it right before you run out of time and money. You have to be flexible and able to leap at opportunities that arise.

"I changed the ending as it went because I think a really important thing for me about the ending of the series was this is not about Anakin. It has something tangential to do with him, but it's not about him. It really has to be about Ahsoka and Rex and their point of view. Anakin's story is told. That was George. That's what he did in Revenge of the Sith. So I don't have to worry about that, but I can tell the story that needs to be told related to her. And so I had to be careful when it got to the ending that, you know, it's not this distraught thing about her and is she thinking about Anakin and what happened to him. That all plays out however it plays out, but it's not the most important thing. Then it's like de facto telling Anakin's story somehow again through her, which is not the voice I want in this. I think it all broke the right way. It was a thrill to work with everybody again and see everybody that had been there since the beginning."

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