Star Wars: The Clone Wars Creator Shares Thank You to Fans

More than a decade after its launch, Star Wars: The Clone Wars has officially come to an end, with creator Dave Filoni taking to Twitter to share a thank you to fans in the form of artwork he crafted of Ahsoka Tano. While the Star Wars fandom as a whole is immensely passionate, Clone Wars supporters are some of the most passionate, as it was their years of asking for the series to be officially completed that led to this final season of the series being developed at all, with Filoni clearly knowing how much this finale means to all of them.

The series hasn't always had a passionate following, as its debut initially was met with hostility from some audiences.

With the original trilogy of films being some of the most beloved sci-fi installments in history, George Lucas' prequel films had high standards to reach, with many devout fans thinking those films fell short of expectations. Despite the excitement for new adventures in the saga, the nature of The Clone Wars meant focusing on characters who were more closely associated with the prequel trilogy than the original trilogy, with its youth-oriented tone also preventing older audiences from investing in the series.

After that initial apprehension, over the course of the series' five seasons, Filoni's storytelling abilities proved to fans that this era of the franchise was just as compelling as any other corner of the galaxy, with characters like Ahsoka, Rex, and Cad Bane all earning followings that rivaled those of original trilogy characters. Sadly, in the wake of Disney purchasing Lucasfilm in 2012, Clone Wars was unexpectedly cancelled in 2013. An incomplete Season Six was released, while Star Wars Rebels helped tie up some loose ends regarding the fate of specific Clone Wars characters, including the confirmation that Ahsoka survived not just the Clone Wars but through the end of the events of the original trilogy, as we saw her fate after the fall of the Empire in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi.

Even though we knew where her story concluded, the series finale of Clone Wars offered audiences some immensely important milestones along the way, including a moment when she left her path as Jedi behind, which Filoni recreated with his artwork on Twitter.


The complete Star Wars: The Clone Wars series is now available on Disney+.

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