Star Wars: The Mandalorian Season 2 Reported Crew Gift Teases Debut of a Jedi

The first season of The Mandalorian may have strayed far away from the dealings of the Skywalker Saga, but what appears to be a crew gift for Season Two of the production could confirm that the series will see the enlistment of a Jedi into the mix. The series is no stranger to Force-wielders, as Baby Yoda demonstrated his impressive abilities, but the nature of the series and its exploration of a bounty hunter's excursions in the aftermath of the defeat of the Galactic Empire hasn't yet resulted in the appearance of any Jedi or Sith, which might be changing in Season Two.

Over on Reddit, one user shared an image of a patch, mug, and water bottle that a user claims were wrap gifts for Season Two, though they didn't source the origins of the photo. With the water bottle using the term "Huc," it serves as a reference to the series' working title of "Huckleberry."

The patch features what appear to be two crossed lightsabers, or possibly one lightsaber and the Darksaber. Also on the patch is the skull of a mudhorn, which might merely serve as a reference to the first season as opposed to a tease that such a beast will return in Season Two.

MANDO SEASON 2 crew gift has two sabers clashing. One seems to be the Darksaber hilt, but what's the other? from r/StarWarsLeaks

This patch and its possible depiction of lightsabers give us yet another clue that Season Two will see the debut of Ahsoka Tano, as reports emerged earlier this year that Rosario Dawson had been cast as the Clone Wars character. Creator of that animated series, Dave Filoni, has managed to dodge questions about Ahsoka's upcoming appearance.

"All those rumors! Over the years people have always asked me about that character and potential live-action possibilities," Dave Filoni shared with Entertainment Weekly when directly asked about the character's live-action debut. "It's a real credit to the animation team and everybody that's been involved with her over the years to make a character that fans say, 'Hey, that would be great. We would want to see that.' And the debates that surround that. When we started in 2008 giving Anakin Skywalker a young Padawan wasn't at top of mind for a lot of people. It seemed a bit out of left field and risky. George [Lucas] always knew that it would work if we did it the right way. The great thing about the character is she's proved herself and earned her place among the Star Wars leads out there. So whatever the future holds, who knows? But for now, we'll get to see this ending of Clone Wars and see how that goes."


Despite Lucasfilm, Dawson, and Filoni all playing coy about these reports, the reported Season Two wrap gift for The Mandalorian only adds more credence to Ahsoka's live-action debut.

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