Stargirl Star Luke Wilson Opens Up on Sibling Rivalry With Loki Star Owen Wilson

Fans have always been more enthusiastic about the idea of a Marvel/DC rivalry than most of the creative people working for either company -- either on the comics or screen side of things. But it's easy to wonder whether celebrity brothers Luke and Owen Wilson have any kind of competitive spirit behind them, especially since they both waited for years to do superhero work, before Luke landed on Stargirl and Owen headed to Loki right around the same time. But according to Luke, whose show will drop its third season on August 31, that isn't the case at all.

During a recent interview in support of his film Look Both Ways, Luke Wilson rejected the notion that the pair have any kind of rivalry. Instead, he said he likes the Marvel Studios people he's met, and that the two mostly share war stories about what stunt has them sore on any given day.

"No, not really," Wilson told Good Morning America. "It was funny, we would get home at the end of the day, and he'd say, 'How was your day?' [I would say] "It's good, I was battling Eclipso and the Shadowland! How was your day?'...'Oh, Loki and I were battling Kang the Conqueror!' So then to kind of limping around from the different stunts we did. Yeah it was interesting that we were both house-divided, but the Marvel people, I enjoy being around them. They're nice people, Tom Hiddleston was a great guy and he's doing Loki season 2 right now, and then Stargirl is coming out at the end of this month."

The two have pretty different career sensibilities for the most part, with Owen taking on big franchises like Cars and Night at the Museum while Luke focuses mostly on movies that can give him a romantic subplot and a chance to be mellow and dramatic. They both appear together, though, in a number of movies from acclaimed director Wes Anderson.

The second season of Loki won't be making its way to Disney+ until 2023 and, given the current state of things at Warner Bros. Discovery, by that time, Stargirl might have already ended its run. Maybe the two can give fans some kind of multiverse-shattering crossover at Halloween time or something.