Steven Universe Future Releases Series Finale Trailer

Ahead of this week's series finale, Cartoon Network has released a new trailer for Steven Universe [...]

Ahead of this week's series finale, Cartoon Network has released a new trailer for Steven Universe Future that features a brief clip from the upcoming four-part finale. It looks like this takes place in the immediate aftermath of the most recent episode, "Fragments," when Steven is at one of his lowest points ever. Given that the first episode in the new batch is titled "Homeworld Bound," and the trailer concludes with Steven taking the warp... somewhere, it's pretty easy to conclude where he might be heading.

You can check out the series finale trailer below, but be warned as here there be spoilers:

"We really sat down to map out where Steven would be emotionally throughout the season," creator Rebecca Sugar previously told about the end of the most recent episode, "and we needed to figure out all of the peaks and valleys and how that would spur him forward. We needed something to bring him to a very extreme low, and a huge fear of himself."

"For years and years, we'd wanted an episode where Steven and Jasper would train together, and I was really interested in the ways that she would influence him," she continued. "She's always, as a character, been really hard on herself, and really struggled with her sense of self, and is self-destructive in a lot of dangerous ways. So to have her be a mentor for him while he's in this state is a really dangerous combination, and I wanted to showcase that."

Here's how Cartoon Network describes the upcoming conclusion of the franchise:

"Steven Universe Future concludes as Steven is beginning to question his purpose as he runs out of Gems to help. Who is he if he's not saving the world? And what is this strange new power that's making him glow pink? Without other peoples' problems to solve, he'll have to finally face his own."

Steven Universe Future is set to air a four-part series finale ("Homeworld Bound", "Everything's Fine", "I Am My Monster", "The Future") on March 27th at 7PM ET. More of's interview with Sugar will be published at that time. You can check out all of our previous coverage of Steven Universe right here.