Superman & Lois Stars Want to See a Batman Crossover

When it comes to the DC Universe, team-ups between superheroes are a regular occurrence and even [...]

When it comes to the DC Universe, team-ups between superheroes are a regular occurrence and even in The CW's Arrowverse, crossovers that bring various heroes together for a common cause are fan-favorite events. Now that Superman & Lois debuts on the network on Tuesday, the stars of the network's latest DC Comics-inspired series are already thinking about what heroes they'd like to see in a crossover or a team up and there are definitely some "World's Finest" vibes with the show's stars hoping for a Batman crossover.

In a new video from The CW, the cast of Superman & Lois are asked what their superhero dream team is and while there are some fun answers -- Jordan Kent actor Alexander Garfin wants to see a Martian Manhunter and Lois Lane team up while Lois Lane actress Elizabeth Tulloch is all for a Batwoman crossover or even just Melissa Benoist's Supergirl popping by -- the big one that nearly everyone wanted to see was Superman and Batman coming together. You can check the clip out for yourself below.

While a Superman/Batman team-up would be a lot of fun, it's not likely to happen anytime soon -- nor is any significant crossover. Due to the safety protocols in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the previously announced crossover between Batwoman and Superman & Lois has already been canceled. There are just too many additional challenges when it comes to crossovers in the age of COVID-19, especially when bringing new people into the production for such a short period of time has the potential to shut down production on not just one series, but two should someone test positive for the illness.

Still, there will be one "crossover" of sorts in the Arrowverse this year. It was recently announced that John Wesley Shipp will make an appearance on Stargirl in the upcoming Season 2 of that series, playing Jay Garrick, establishing that version of The Flash on Stargirl while also officially bringing Stargirl into the network's post-Crisis Arrowverse as Shipp has previously played Jay Garrick on The Flash pre-Crisis. Shipp will also be returning to The Flash as the character in Season 7, though details on that have not yet been revealed.

Superman & Lois will premiere on Tuesday, February 23, at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW, followed by Superman & Lois: Legacy of Hope, at 9:30 p.m, which rounds out the two hours of primetime programming following the 90-minute premiere.