Superman & Lois Reveals Shocking New Challenge For Lois Lane

While Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) found himself face to face with Bruno Mannheim (Chad Coleman) and John Henry Irons (Wole Parks) squared off with Onomatopoeia, Lois Lane found herself facing a very different foe. Last week's season three finale of Superman & Lois teased the possibility of a pregnancy for the super-couple. The episode closed on the revelation that Lois was not in fact pregnant, and suggested that there could be a medical problem on the horizon which explained some of the symptoms she had at the start of the episode. Spoilers for tonight's episode of Superman & Lois follow.

Tonight's episode paid that story off, and gave audiences a sense for what's to come this season. At a key moment in the episode, Lois revealed that she is dealing with a rare and aggressive form of breast cancer. The episode itself ended with the Lane-Kent family sobbing together.

"Brent and I discussed it the end of last season and we realized it's a big story, but who better to tell it through than Lois Lane and have Bitsie Tulloch do her magic with it?" executive producer Todd Helbing told "And Bitsie, her acting chops are off the charts. So we knew that she could handle it, and deliver, and we just want to tell a really truthful story. Cancer has touched almost everybody that we know in one way or another. So we felt like we could tell this story and tell it responsibly. We did a lot of research. We reached out to medical professionals, patients, survivors, cancer survivors, people and families that have been affected by it. We just really did a deep dive so we could tell it truthfully. And we just felt the last two seasons, the audience had really gotten to know this couple and now it was the right time to be able to tell it."

Helbing and his fellow showrunner Brent Fletcher previously said that Lois's story will drive the overall narrative in season three, suggesting that her health issues will run throughout the season. Fans are already wondering how Bruno Mannheim could be connected, since Atom-Man, a villain who first appeared in the show's first season before returning in the season three premiere, seemingly had his cancer cured when he was given super powers.

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Superman & Lois airs on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW, before new episodes of Gotham Knights.