Supernatural, Riverdale And Superman & Lois Filming Dates Possibly Revealed

Back in March, Supernatural and Riverdale had to halt production on hugely important seasons to their larger story, and the planned Arrowverse addition Superman & Lois was days away from getting its cameras rolling, when the novel coronavirus pandemic brought TV and film production in Vancouver to a stop. Now, according to CreativeBC, it looks like we might have an idea of when those series will go back into production. The most recently updated chart on the site suggests that Supernatural, which has to finish its fifteenth and final season so that star Jared Padalecki can begin work on the Walker, Texas Ranger reboot, will go first.

August 18 is listed as the potential production start date for Supernatural, which would wrap its series on September 11 if nothing changes. Next up would be Riverdale, resuming production on September 14 and planning to wrap on May 1. Unlike Supernatural, Riverdale would not resume its previous season but would instead wrap up the dangling plot threads left from that season before moving onto its planned fifth season stories.

Superman & Lois, which had not yet filmed any of its pilot when the pandemic shuttered production, plans to finally shoot starting in October. From October 13 until May 1, the first season of the series will shoot, presumably still including the planned crossover episodes with Batwoman -- which isn't actually a new show, but might as well be, since not only will the show be replacing its lead actress but also changing lead characters.

The word has been for quite some time that Riverdale's fifth season was supposed to include a time-jump that would have brought it in line with Katy Keene, which took place five years in the future, and would give the writers and producers a shot at a soft reboot to shake things up. With Katy cancelled, the former wouldn't matter much, unless they want to bring Lucy Hale, Ashleigh Murray, or other members of that show's cast in for guest spots on the parent show.


Superman and Lois, set in the shared universe inhabited by Supergirl, The Flash, Batwoman, Black Lightning, and DC's Legends of Tomorrow, centers on Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) and Lois Lane (Bitsie Tulloch, as they navigate parenthood, the gig economy (reportedly, one or both of them will have been laid off from the Daily Planet), and the responsibilities of being the world's greatest super-family, as their sons begin to grapple with their own identities.

Supernatural is expected to air its remaining episodes in the fall, while Riverdale and Superman & Lois will premiere in January.