The Boys: Antony Starr Reveals Homelander's Endgame

Antony Starr's Homelander has been the primary antagonist of The Boys since its inception. It wasn't until the third season of the Prime Video hit, however, that the character went public with his villainy. In fact, Homelander doesn't break bad in front of the general public until Season Three's closing moments.

As Starr himself says, the character's only going to get more unhinged from here on out, saying the supervillain is living a horrible, no-good fantasy.

"I think the character's end game is in direct odds and direct opposition with reality," Starr tells us. "I think he would love to have a family. And I think it's all dressed up in fantasy. It's all wrapped up in fantasy, everything that he really wants. And I think if he ever got what he wanted, he wouldn't know how to stop. I think he needs to be pushing against something to have any sort of identity and he really doesn't have much of an identity. So God help the world if he gets what he wants."

In a different interview, Starr said that fantasy included annihilating the entire world.

"I think Homelander's happy ending would be him annihilating everyone in the world and sitting there in a bloody wasteland on his own, with no one to mess with him. I don't think there's a redemption story for Homelander," Starr said in a recent chat with Collider

"I wouldn't really wanna see that, to be honest. I don't think there's any intention of doing that either. As for his demise, I don't know. Every time I try to pick out what might happen in the future, I'm wrong, so I've given up speculating," he continued. "I'm just like, 'You know what? I'll leave that for the writers and spare myself the embarrassment of being wrong, again and again and again.'"

The Boys Season 3 is now streaming on Prime Video.

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