The Boys Season Finale Teaser Promises Scorched Earth, Shock and Awe

Amazon Prime's The Boys drops its eighth and final episode of its third season this Friday, and fans are getting geared up for a brutal finale. @TheBoysTV revealed the finale's trailer on social media today, showcasing Anthony Starr's Homelander, Jack Quaid's Hughie Campbell, Jenson Ackles' Soldier Boy, and others in action-packed spots. The footage opens with Black Noir sharpening his sword, to which Homelander mentions it will have no effect on Soldier Boy's skin. From there, MM, Kimiko, Starlight, Frenchie, and more ready up for battle as Hughie stresses that they will "save everyone, even if they don't deserve it." While camera cuts might be playing tricks, the footage seemingly concludes with Homelander standing opposite Karl Urban's Billy Butcher.

Spoilers for last week's episode of The Boys follow!

As revealed in his debut, this live-action Soldier Boy is equipped with an energy blast that leaves supes powerless when struck. This new power is not just to boost the ultra-violent Captain America, but also to instill fear this world's most powerful hero.

"We need him to become an existential threat to Homelander," The Boys showrunner Eric Kripke told Variety regarding Soldier Boy's new powers. "We said, what would be the scariest thing to Homelander? And the scariest thing in the whole world to Homelander is just to be a regular dude. So giving Soldier Boy these blasts of sort of radioactive, walking-Chernobyl power that are frying the Compound V out of supes' systems is going to make him very, very scary to Homelander. And that was really the goal. And then once we had set on that, we said, oh, wait, Kimiko this whole time is dying to get away from her powers. Let's have him blast her."

The Boys is coming off of a massive penultimate episode, which revealed Homelander to be the biological son of Soldier Boy. This finale trailer leaves it ambiguous, but fans might be looking at a father-son team-up between Homelander and Soldier Boy in the finale. The two previously squared off in Episode 6, "Herogasm," which ended with Homelander retreating before Soldier Boy could blast him with his power-nullifying energy.

The Season 3 finale of The Boys airs this Friday, July 8, exclusively on Amazon Prime. 

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