The Boys Star Jack Quaid Reveals New Season 3 Photo

Filming has begun on the third season of The Boys and after series showrunner Eric Kripke revealed a photo from the set, star Jack Quaid has revealed an image of his own! Captioning the image, which features his on-screen love interest Erin Moriarty: "Season-three’s greetings, everyone! Can ya tell we’re excited to be back?" Season two of the series ended with Quaid's Hughie and Moriarty's Annie making amends and rekindling their romance, with the former going off to take on a new job (unknowingly for the secret supe, Victoria Neuman) and Starlight deciding to stick it out with The Seven and return to work at the tower.

"We should very much be worried about Hughie working for her," Kripke previously said in an interview with TVLine. "Poor Hughie, he really thought he was like standing up on his own and expressing some independence and doing things the right way, and he’s walked right into the lion’s, which is something he’s going to have to deal with in Season 3, for sure."

The success of The Boys has prompted Amazon to put a spin-off show in development alongside the new season and also prompted fans to wonder how long the series will be on the air. Aeries lead Antony Starr previously revealed to ComicBook.Com that he believes the show will be on the air well after the upcoming third season.

"The length of the run needs to be dictated by the strength of the story and the qualities of the stories that they can come up with," Starr said. "I think inevitably, shows — if you've got your ear to the ground — you can sense when the train's coming and you and need to get off the tracks. Hopefully we won't outstay our welcome and we'll go out when the time is right, when we're in a good place. I think everyone's astute enough to make that call."


He concluded, "That said, I think we've got a good few seasons in us yet. I think we've got a great cast of characters and a really interesting premise, and I think like you said, we can really go anywhere with this. I think it's a pretty healthy show and I think there's a good life for it coming up."

Both seasons of The Boys are now streaming on Amazon Prime. It's unclear when the third season will premiere but given the time it will take to shoot eight episodes and then finish a lengthy post-production process there could be an entire year without new episodes of The Boys.