The Boys' Antony Starr Says Show Has A "Few Good Seasons" Left

Before long, photography will kick off on another season of The Boys in Canada, and sometime [...]

Before long, photography will kick off on another season of The Boys in Canada, and sometime thereafter, the series will release its third season on Amazon Prime Video. Adapting the Dynamite Comics title from Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, the property has become a breakout hit for Prime, a platform that's now turned the property into a franchise with the introduction of at least one spin-off. With plenty of Boys-related shows in the works at the Jeff Bezos-run establishment, series lead Antony Starr tells us he feels there will at least be a few more seasons of the main series after the third season premieres in a matter of months.

"The length of the run needs to be dictated by the strength of the story and the qualities of the stories that they can come up with," Starr tells "I think inevitably, shows — if you've got your ear to the ground — you can sense when the train's coming and you and need to get off the tracks."

That said, the actor says he doesn't think that time isn't anywhere close to happening, and Eric Kripke and his writer's room have plenty of material to carry the show through the immediate future.

"Hopefully we won't outstay our welcome and we'll go out when the time is right, when we're in a good place," the actor adds. "I think everyone's astute enough to make that call."

He concludes, "That said, I think we've got a good few seasons in us yet. I think we've got a great cast of characters and a really interesting premise, and I think like you said, we can really go anywhere with this. I think it's a pretty healthy show and I think there's a good life for it coming up."

Though the third season has yet to receive a release date, the show will likely premiere in late 2021 or early 2022. The show's second season wrapped in November 2019 before its October 2020 debut. Kripke previously mentioned he hoped to start filming the third outing in "early 2021," and crew involved with the show have been seen on social media arriving in Canada to begin their quarantining process before getting to work on the series once again.

Both seasons of The Boys are now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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