The Flash Recap With Spoilers: Team Flash Takes on Eva in "Success Is Assured"

Despite the slightly shortened season due to the coronavirus pandemic, all roads this season on [...]

Despite the slightly shortened season due to the coronavirus pandemic, all roads this season on The Flash have led to this, the Season 6 finale. With Eva free from the Mirrorverse and ready to exact her revenge on her husband in the real world, her mission is set to collide with Team Flash's efforts to take down Black Hole and save Iris, too. The result? An epic show down with a lot on the line for everyone involved. Want to see how it all comes together? Read on for our spoiler-filled recap of The Flash's Season 6 finale, "Success is Assured" below.

Warning: Spoilers for The Flash "Success Is Assured" below.

The episode opens up Eva suiting up in a shiny new suit that helps her acclimate to being back in the real world, something she explains to Mirror Singh, whom she instructs to dismantle everything that protects her husband. At Caitlin's, Nash, Cecile, and Allegra help Frost pack for her trip to go visit Caitlin's mom in the arctic. Caitlin/Frost's mom then shows up for her.

At the CCPD, Barry meets with the team about Eva and they realize that if they can find Black Hole, they'll find Eva. Ralph pulls out the diamond that Sue gave him and Allegra -- with Nash's help -- figures out that it's a sort of treasure map that leads to a mysterious warehouse. Elongated Man and Flash investigate, with Elongated Man finding a box of information labeled "Dearbon". They encounter Mirror Singh who reveals that Carver never tried to save Eva. He just pillaged her work and sold it off. After Mirror Singh ignites the building, the Flash declares that the team's next move will be to protect Carver from Eva.

Barry finds Carver at Jitters and gives it to him straight. Eva wants to kill him, but the police can't keep him safe. Carver turns it around and reveals that he knows Iris is also in the Mirrorverse and didn't tell anyone. Carver says that there's no way to save Iris -- the dimension is incompatible with the human brain. He also rebuffs Barry entirely.

In the Mirrorverse, Iris' neural dissonance gets worse after she looks at the map and gets a clue as to how to find the real Singh. In the real world, Ralph meets with Sue and her parents with Sue pretending everything is fine. Ralph and Sue chat privately, with Ralph revealing that the blackmail on her parents is now gone. Sue asks Ralph to leave them alone now.

Elsewhere, three of Carver's Black Hole goons are preparing for him when Eva snatches them into the Mirrorverse. Carver shows up soon after to find Dr. Light, Sunshine, and Ultraviolet missing. At the CCPD, Nash explains the idea of neuro dissonance when Carver shows up and demands protection. However, instead of federal agents coming for him, Mirror Singh shows up instead. He proposes a trade with Barry: Carver for Iris. Nash intervenes and zaps them back to STAR Labs and Nash hallucinates Harry.

Carver gets updated on what's going on. Nash tries to buy Nash's teleportation device. Carver suggests that they go to McCulloch for security as he has special security system that will protect them. Privately, Nash confronts Barry about his hesitation regarding Singh's deal. Carver takes Barry to his panic room behind Eva's mirror. As Team Flash evacuates the building, Sue shows up. Turns out she took her parents' place in Black Hole to protect them. She plans to kill Carver.

Carver's forcefield gets disabled and Sunshine, Ultraviolet, and Dr. Light show up. They work for Eva now and they want payback against him, too.

Barry races off to get the grid restarted and encounters Mirror Singh but he cracks apart to reveal Eva herself. She knocks Barry out while, upstairs, Team Flash fights with the former Black Hole assassins. Ralph and Sue team up. Eva emerges from a mirror to menace Carver. She confronts him and goes to kill him, but The Flash intervenes. Eva doesn't care. She kills Carver anyway and calls off the assassins.

Later, Eva gives a press conference and says she was held hostage by an international crime syndicate and claims that her husband died saving her. Sue tells Ralph she's going home, but Ralph reveals to her that Eva framed her for Carver's murder. Caitlin and Frost depart to the arctic.

Iris, Kamilla, and the real Singh remain trapped in the Mirrorverse, but Joe returns from witness protection. Meanwhile, in the Mirrorverse, Iris locates Singh at the hospital but suddenly cries out in pain and starts to glow then...vanishes.