The Lost Boys Series Reportedly Aims to "Keep the Essence" of the Original Film

The CW's slate of programming has rotated pretty wildly over the past decade, with beloved franchises and new stories making their way onto the network. One constant over the past few years has been the network's attempt to adapt The Lost Boys, the beloved 1987 film, into a television series. The project has gone through multiple iterations over the past few years, and it sounds like we have a bit more insight into one of its latest versions. Gerard "G Tom Mac" McMahon, a musician who was attached to write and arrange songs for the series, recently spoke about its vision in an interview with SYFY Wire.

"I'm sure it's gonna be torn down by the hardcore fans; there's just no way that this show can win," Mac explained. "But it wasn't designed for the hardcore fans. It was basically trying to keep the essence of what the film projected ... It's a reimagining and it's an adaptation of the film because all the characters are in place."

"Cast-wise, it's more diversified in coordination with the times, as it should be," Mac added. "It's a little bit more female-driven in its way."

Mac - who performed and co-wrote the original movie's iconic song "Cry Little Sister" - was brought on to craft new music for the series, and dove into a bit of what that will entail.

"They were adamant, obviously, about my theme song because you can't have the show without that," Mac explained. "With this, I've certainly pulled together a very modernized version of "People Are Strange" and then just creating contemporary, but cutting edge stuff that is appropriate for the show. And there are gonna be other artists [on the soundtrack] as well."

At the moment, it's unclear what the future will ultimately hold for The Lost Boys, with network president Mark Pedowitz confirming earlier this year that the project would once again be "rolled", meaning that it will be reevaluated for the 2021-2022 season. As Mac put it, the decision to scrap the pilot and start over - as well as the production shutdowns due to the COVID-19 pandemic - have put a lot on pause.

"It's stuck in limbo, even though they agreed to all the new scriptwriting and all of that," Mac explained. "It's hard to know; it's a day-by-day thing for all these shows, when you can go back in [and shoot]. They were starting to go back, it looked like they could go back into production, and [everything shut down]."

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