The CW President Calls Lost Boys Reboot a Passion Project, Hopes to "Keep it Going"

Another round of development at The CW and yet another update on their long gestating TV reboot of [...]

Another round of development at The CW and yet another update on their long gestating TV reboot of The Lost Boys. Speaking with reporters on a call on Thursday, The CW president Mark Pedowitz confirmed that the series remains in the works but has been "rolled" over into their next season of shows, saying: "That has been rolled. I spoke to Rob Thomas and many of the people directly about this. Lost Boys is a passion of mine personally, having Rob attached to it," Pedowitz said. "Once we get through this climate, we will make a determination on how best to proceed with Lost Boys. I'm hoping to keep it going."

This is just the latest setback that has plagued The Lost Boys on The CW, which first came into development in the 2016-2017 season. Conceived by iZombie's Rob Thomas, the series was originally being planned as a "seven-season, anthology-style" series that would have taken place over the course of seventy years with a rotating cast that encountered the titular, ever teenage Lost Boys. Since then it has gone through multiple iterations, including a pilot that was filmed in 2019.

According to reports, The Lost Boys had begun filming on its second pilot before the pandemic shut down production. Enough progress had been made on the series that executives were seemingly able to see footage prior to making this decision. The latest versions stars Branden Cook, Lincoln Younes, Ruby Cruz, Medalion Rahimi, and Dakota Shapiro. It remains to be seen if this cast will stay on for the next potential iteration or if they will once again be recast.

The new version of the pilot was reportedly much closer in plot to the original film from 1987 but with a modern twist, with its synopsis reading: "When a mother and her Gen Z sons move to the seaside town where she grew up, they discover there's a sinister reason the local cool kids sleep all day, party all night, never grow up and never get old. Family bonds are tested as the brothers find themselves on opposite sides of a mythological struggle."

"This has been a odyssey for me with Lost Boys," Thomas previously told EW. "I have been trying to get Lost Boys — I was about to say trying to get Lost Boys to see the light of day, and that sounded so embarrassingly punny to me that I will rephrase that sentence. I've been trying to get Lost Boys off the ground for the better part of four years now, first as a movie, then as a pilot that I wrote, and now as a pilot that Heather's written. We just shot a pilot that did not quite work; we plan on shooting another one. Hopefully this fourth attempt of ours will be the charm. Lost Boys deserves to be on TV."

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