The OA Fan Goes On Hunger Strike Outside Netflix Headquarters

Fans of The OA were understandably upset that Netflix canceled the show, and fans are doing what [...]

Fans of The OA were understandably upset that Netflix canceled the show, and fans are doing what they can to support a movement to bring the show back, whether that be to Netflix or another network. That includes the usual petitions and social media movement,s which have worked with a variety of shows in the past, but some fans are thinking out of the box a bit and doing something that Netflix will find it hard to ignore, and that's a hunger strike right outside of their headquarters.

The OA fan Emperial Young is one of a few protestors who have set up shop outside of Netflix's Hollywood, California headquarters, and she's been there since August 16th. While she admits that the whole thing is a bit absurd, but she isn't just protesting Netflix canceling the show, but the capitalist tendencies of companies like Netflix in general, as well as several other things.

"It is an absurd overreaction to protest with a hunger strike over the cancellation of a television show," Young told the LA Times. "And I acknowledge that, but it's because my protest for 'The OA' is really a culmination of multiple factors." Young also pointed out that television as a whole is "one of the few things that I and others have as a coping mechanism," and added "It's helped people process their trauma. It's helped people feel like they're not invisible."

Now, she's been there since August 16th, but the strike didn't start until the 19th, and the reason she has a sign with a changing number is that it describes the number of days she's gone without food cumulatively, not in a row.

"I'm seeing a lot of news outlets state that I have not eaten since August 16th," Young wrote on Twitter. "This is false! August 16th was the first day I came out to the corner. The hunger strike did not begin until August 19th."

"I also ate one meal this past weekend ahead of a strenuous task that I needed to do, which is why the number on my sign is currently 9 instead of 10. This is day 6+3 of my hunger strike. 6 days without food, and now 3 more. The number on my sign is the overall total."

Young has also been tallying up the amount of positive and negative responses she receives each day regarding the hunger strike, and so far it's been mostly positive.

"I almost forgot! Wednesday corner stats:

Today's Food Fantasy: Avocado, tomato, cheese sandwich with lots of sprouts on whole wheat, and a bagel with lox and cream cheese!"

So fans, do you think The OA will be renewed by Netflix or will it find another home elsewhere? What do you think of what Young is doing to support the show? Let us know in the comments!