The Office Will Have a 24/7 Marathon Channel on Peacock

As you probably know by now, The Office is leaving its longtime streaming home in just a couple of [...]

As you probably know by now, The Office is leaving its longtime streaming home in just a couple of weeks. As the calendar flips to 2021, The Office will be departing Netflix, where it has spent years establishing itself as one of the most popular TV sitcoms around. Thanks to Netflix, The Office has become arguably even more popular since it ended in 2013. Starting January 1st, The Office will be streaming exclusively on the Peacock streaming service, where it will have its own dedicated channel in addition to its full library of episodes being made available on-demand.

This week, Peacock sent out a memo from Dunder Mifflin CEO David Wallace, explaining some of the great features coming with The Office to Peacock. There will be deleted scenes added to some of the episodes over time, and there will be playlists filled with specific group of episodes, chronicling things like Jim's pranks on Dwight. There will also be a channel strictly for The Office, which will be playing episodes at random on a non-stop loop.

Peacock has quite a few channels already running, curating themed content like episodes from the '80s, true crime, sitcoms, and Saved by the Bell. Now The Office Zen will join that lineup of channels.

Starting January 1st, fans can simply turn on The Office Zen and just hop into a marathon of the beloved workplace comedy. There will be no deciding which episode to watch or whether or not to starting binging the show from the very beginning. You can just watch The Office without really having to think about it.

This will make it easy for everyone who has seen The Office all the way through, as quite a few people have. You can hop in to wherever the channel is and simply enjoy the show, which cuts down on the thinking.

The best part about this switch to Peacock is that the streamer is more affordable than Netflix. In fact, the lowest tier of the service is totally free, as long as you're willing to watch ads. You can sign up for a free or Premium Peacock account right here.

Are you looking forward to checking out The Office's channel on Peacock when it arrives on January 1st? Let us know in the comments!

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