The Rock's Mom Steals Jimmy Fallon Interview With Ukulele Performance

Dwayne Johnson's mother Ata Johnson stole the show when the People's Champ made an appearance on [...]

Dwayne Johnson's mother Ata Johnson stole the show when the People's Champ made an appearance on The Tonight Show. Johnson and Jimmy Fallon have a history of fun interviews and games together. This is just the latest edition of Johnson and his family coming in with their show stopping skills. In the middle of an interview with Fallon, Johnson called his mom up into the room with him and called for her to bring the ukele with her. After joining the interview, Ata Johnson went ahead and starting strumming and singing and stealing the entire show. Fittingly, Johnson is promoting Young Rock, which tells the story of his life and family.

"Every time we come out to Hawaii, we go out to visit my parents," she explained, before proudly showing him that she has her ukele handy. They went ahead and jammed out to two quick songs together, with Ata insisting on playing "one more" after the first was such a hit. The second went to a tune of, "We love you Jimmy!" and came with a lot of laughs. The wholesome content we need!

"You just stole the interview," Fallon proclaimed. "You're unbelievable. That was unbelievable. You're gorgeous, it's great to see you!"

In Johnson's Young Rock series, the NBC show had the task of casting an actress to play Ata Johnson, among other real life figures from the actors and other producers' lives. The show's executive producer Hiram Garcia opened up about this while talking to ComicBook. "Imagine when you're sitting there and you know, you're telling Ata, 'Hey look, these are some of the actresses who we think, you know, represent you,'" Garcia recalled. "It's really cool because you're honoring them, and you're also casting people that are so beloved, like iconic figures that we're fans of, that we grew up watching, and you just wanna do them justice. You wanna do them justice, you wanna honor them, represent them in the best way and it's really fun."

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