The Walking Dead's Robert Kirkman Will Never Reveal The Cause Of The Zombie Outbreak

The Walking Dead has been a major force within the world of comic books and television, with the AMC series pulling in some huge ratings and helping propel the work of creator Robert Kirkman to new heights. Now, in the latest publication for The Walking Dead Deluxe, a reprinting of the original comic book series in full color, has the comic book writer reveals that he will, in fact, never reveal how the dead walked once again, leaving a giant mystery for the series.

The Walking Dead comic has already come to an end, and AMC's blockbuster series is set to return for its final episodes though when they will air is still anyone's guess at this point. Confirmed to be airing this year, it will be interesting to see how our heroes wrap their story and if any cast members from the series will make a comeback within the final installments. 

In The Walking Dead Deluxe Issue #41, Kirkman spilled the beans on the fact that he "wasn't interested" in what caused the zombies walking the Earth but was simply looking into the lives of the characters affected by it and what the shambling corpses meant for the world at large and its future:

"I really was never interested in dealing with the cause of the zombie outbreak. My opinion has been well-documented, but the short version is… any detailed explanation would push things too far into the realm of sci-fi for me. I think it's better to leave it unresolved. That way, the story remains grounded. That said… Tons of fans wanted me to explore it, and I was not above pandering to them from time to time in ways I felt were interesting."

While the final episodes of The Walking Dead's main television series are set to arrive this year, the series is spawning a number of spin-offs that are sure to expand on the world of the rotting corpses, with some of the series even taking the opportunity to focus on the biggest characters of the main show.

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The Walking Dead Deluxe #41 is on sale now.