The Walking Dead's Paola Lazaro Wants Princess and Negan Scenes in Season 11

Newest Walking Dead star Paola Lázaro, who joined as purple-haired lone survivor Princess late in the zombie drama's tenth season, wants to trade words with co-star Jeffrey Dean Morgan's Negan when The Walking Dead returns for Season 11. Princess, real name Juanita Sanchez, ended her lonely streak when she was invited to join the Hilltop team — Eugene (Josh McDermitt), Ezekiel (Khary Payton), and Yumiko (Eleanor Matsuura) — on their journey towards Charleston, West Virginia, where the group are due to meet representatives from a mysterious new community home to Eugene's equally enigmatic radio contact Stephanie (Margot Bingham).

"I would love to have scenes with Negan, because both of our characters are very wild, very extroverted, very wordy," Lázaro said during the Walking Dead virtual Comic-Con panel. "So I wonder who would win that match in words."

Naming Melissa McBride's Carol as her favorite character, Lázaro added, "I just want Carol to like Princess, that's all. I'm a very big fan of Carol."

Lázaro also lamented the death of Dale (Jeffrey DeMunn), the bucket hat-wearing apocalypse survivor killed off years ago in the show's second season. "I'm a huge Jeffrey DeMunn fan, from theater and stuff like that," she said. "So I miss my dude."

The actress previously revealed her desire for a Princess and Negan mash-up during an appearance on Morgan's at-home chat show Friday Night In with The Morgans, where Lázaro speculated the characters will "get along great" — after some quick posturing.

"Maybe at first they'll be like cats [hissing]," she said. "You know when a cat sees itself in the mirror? So maybe at first they wouldn't get along, but I think they're both wild."

Added Morgan, "They're both kind of outsiders. I think they'll have an interesting dynamic, too." Morgan previously hailed Lázaro's arrival as "one of the greatest character introductions I've ever seen on this show."

Princess enters The Walking Dead just as Maggie (Lauren Cohan) makes her long-awaited return in the Season 10 finale, "A Certain Doom," where the widowed Maggie might finally learn her husband's killer is now a free man. Lázaro predicts the hyperactive Princess will "irritate Maggie to the core," something that could bond the two outsiders.

"She's a very serious woman, and she's going through a lot, and then I come in with that big smile," Lázaro said on Friday Night. "I'm like, 'Hey! I'm happy to be here.'"

Agreeing with a laugh, Morgan said, "We have that in common, too. I'm gonna irritate Maggie also."


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