The Walking Dead: World Beyond Kills Off a Character in Shocking Twist

The Walking Dead: World Beyond takes a dark and deadly turn in Sunday's "Truth or Dare," where the group makes a shocking discovery to end the episode. After agreeing to work with con men Percy (Ted Sutherland) and his uncle Tony (Scott Adsit) to accelerate their journey to New York, the group plots a raid on the Civic Republic Military's hidden fuel caches using a coded map. Huck (Annet Mahendru) guns down an armed squatter threatening to kill Hope (Alexa Mansour), but the mission proves successful when Felix (Nico Tortorella) locates the fuel supply and Tony discovers a CRM-branded notebook filled with encrypted codes.

After pulling off their heist, the group hides out in a rundown country club. Tony announces he and Percy have decided to extend the terms of their agreement and stick around until they help the girls find their father, who they believe is developing a cure to the zombie virus.

When Percy's continued flirtation with Iris (Aliyah Royale) leads to the two teens setting an impromptu date, a jealous Silas (Hal Cumpston) eyes a crate of alcohol and slinks away alone. After Iris dozes off waiting for Percy at their agreed meeting place — the grifter's stolen CRM truck — she looks for him inside the country club, where she's horrified to find Tony's fresh corpse with a caved-in head.

Present at the crime scene is Silas' crimson-covered wrench and just-as-bloody footprints, with a trail of blood leading out of an open window. Felix finds Silas crumpled inside a bathroom stall, cradling a bottle of booze in his blood-stained hands, and the episode ends with Percy missing and Silas looking like a murderer.

World Beyond revealed the shy teen's violent past in "The Tyger and the Lamb," and Silas later asked Iris if she believes he killed his father in a rage. But the full story, only glimpsed in the briefest of flashbacks, is still to be told.

"Based on what we saw in these quick glimpses, we see Silas very emotional, and he seems to be doing something very violent. And in the present day, he's very concerned about the amount of violence he may inflict on empties, and it seems like it's a door that he's afraid to open," showrunner Matthew Negrete previously told EW about Silas' backstory. "So really in ['The Tyger and the Lamb'], it's about him trying to find a place with this group where he can use his strength in a way that doesn't require violence."

Negrete added there's "an episode coming down the pike where the whole story comes out and we learn everything that happened. And all the ramifications of that will play out, so it's a really great episode. I'm excited for people to see it."

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