Tiger King: Joe Exotic’s Legal Team Confident Pardon Will Happen

Joe Exotic’s legal team is confident that a “pardon is gonna happen” for the Tiger King star. The news comes courtesy of Eric Love in a video sent to TMZ. He’s been updating the digital crowd of onlookers wondering about Exotic’s ongoing struggle to get out of jail. When Netflix posted the docs-series, they couldn’t have dreamed of all the press it would receive from all corners of the Internet. Now, most people know about Carole Baskin and her disappearing husband. And many more are wondering if the former zoo owner will ever see life on the outside again. With the footage that was collected over all those years, it’s not hard to see how he ended up in prison. But, earlier this year, Donald Trump did get asked about him at a press conference and the topic of a pardon was floated. The team isn’t giving up hope.

"Today we received information and multiple phone calls from Washington D.C. on the pardon of Joe Exotic," Love told the publication. "We feel that it is going to happen. We hope very, very soon."

"They have guaranteed a portion of their assets, staff, and vehicles to Joe Exotic's team," he added. "24 hours a day, seven days a week, they are on standby for Joe Exotic's release. We are excited about all the phone calls we've gotten today. We feel that it's very, very close. We're grateful to our friends. We're more than overly excited. We cannot wait for this to be over with … The pardon's gonna happen, son, the pardon's gonna happen!"

Earlier in the year, producers Eric Goode and Rebecca Chaiklin joked about doing a jail series with Exotic as a follow-up.

“I say most of our thoughts right now are toward people’s safety and health and their importance of people staying home,” Chaiklin mentioned to THR. “These are things that are still unfolding and we’re thinking about it, but it’s kind of hard to say.” Goode joked that they were going to make a sequel called “Locked Up with Joe.”


“I think that it’s a very uncertain time and people want an escape, and this is a world that very few people knew existed, inhabited by some very colorful, charismatic characters,” she continued. “And so hopefully it provides some relief for people from the anxiety around what’s transpiring around us.”

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