Tiger Woods Documentary Series Trailer Released by HBO Max

HBO Max just released a trailer for the Tiger Woods documentary that’s set to hit the platform next year. For the moment, Tiger's release date is slated for January 2021 as it got pushed back due to the coronavirus pandemic. Matthew Heinemann and Matthew Hamachek are directing the two-part series for the network. The project sources Woods’ personal journey from Jeff Benedict and Armen Keteyian’s book about the PGA Tour star. Familiar faces for golf fans like Woods’ former caddy Steve Williams and CBS Sports broadcaster Sir Nick Faldo. It should be a riveting watch, and the way the superstar is performing at Augusta National right now will only boost interest in the documentary. After The Last Dance captivated audiences this summer, it was a no-brainer to target another gigantic sports star for similar treatment.

“Since his introduction to the world at the age of two, Tiger Woods has inhabited our collective consciousness as a prodigy, a pioneer, a champion, a global icon, and then a tabloid headline,” directors Heineman and Hamachek said when the project was announced. “After months of research and countless hours of revelatory conversations, we discovered that he has always been a projection of outsized expectations. His father, his sponsors, and his fans all made Tiger Woods into whom they wanted him to be. Our goal was to dive deeper and create an unflinching and intimate portrait of a man, who like all of us, is imperfect and inherently human.”

“Few global icons are more visible and less understood than Tiger Woods,” Peter Nelson, EVP HBO Sports explained. “His prodigy came with painstaking sacrifice; his perfected athleticism immobilized him in agony before the age of 40; his self-made fame enabled a self-destructive world of secrecy; and his redemptive reemergence posed as many questions as it answered — not only about one of the greatest sportsmen ever to live, but also the greater American society that engulfed him. Now, directors Matthew Heineman and Matthew Hamachek provide viewers a definitively nuanced portrait of Eldrick ‘Tiger’ Woods.”

Executive producer Sam Pollard stressed how Woods’ dedication echoes through the entire project. “The new two-part series TIGER is a tremendous eye opener in looking at a master athlete whose dedication and obsession with the game of golf took him not only to the heights of fame and success, but down a spiraling road of darkness and finally redemption,” he said. “Hamachek and Heineman are masterful storytellers and have done an extraordinary job in shaping this nuanced and detailed journey of a man who is probably the greatest golfer of all time.”

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