Topher Grace Says That '90s Show Return Felt Like Christmas

That '90s Show star Topher Grace says that returning for the reunion felt like Christmas. The Home Economics actor spoke to Entertainment Tonight in Anaheim as a part of filming the new season. During the conversation, Grace opened up about being around his old castmates. In a lot of ways, the ABC sitcom environment is very similar. The actor enjoyed that communal feel from That '70s Show and was really pleased the Home Economics has some of the same vibes. People are looking forward to the revival series, and Grace promises that people are going to enjoy it when they see it on-screen. Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis, Laura Prepon, and Wilmer Valderama are all supposed to be back. Fans of his TV parents will be excited to hear that Debra Jo Rupp and Kurtwood Smith are also scheduled to return as well. It's going to be quite a scene on Netflix. Check out what Grace had to say right here.

"If Home Economics has a family feeling that was kind of the same but it was a family reunion," Grace revealed. "It was like going home for Christmas to see your whole family. It really was like Christmas. It was a gift. They are all such amazing, amazing people who are so influential in my life and who I became. To be able to go back and not just hang out with them together, which was so much fun, but then to be able to work again with them... it was great. And I can't wait for people to see it."

In a previous interview around Home Economics, the star talked about his love of Marvel. Some fans believed he could have snuck into Spider-Man: No Way Home, seeing how his past intersects with Tobey Maguire. But, it was never to be.

"Well, yeah. I was really into comics as a kid, but I wasn't that aware of Iron Man," Grace began. "But that movie. Oh my gosh, I remember watching that first movie in the theaters going this is just incredible and I'm such a huge Jon Favreau fan. I just am so in awe of what they've done with the MCU. And, like everyone, I'm addicted to it. I feel the way I did when I was a teenager about comic books as I now feel as an adult about these movies." 

He continued, "Every time I see an interview with Kevin Feige. He's a genius obviously, but he's like we're just going to the comic books. Like that What If...? comic book which I remember really loving. Like what if Spider-Man married Gwen Stacey.You're reminding me now what we should have done, at the end of the episode, is have Samuel L. Jackson show up and be, 'Hey, we need you. We need you five. You five adults in Home Economics. I'm putting together a team.'"

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