Kyle MacLachlan Celebrates Twin Peaks Day by Recreating His Opening Scene

Few fandoms are as passionate as the one that celebrates Twin Peaks, with star Kyle MacLachlan [...]

Few fandoms are as passionate as the one that celebrates Twin Peaks, with star Kyle MacLachlan being a fan of the series himself, inspiring him to embrace his on-screen role of Agent Dale Cooper to recreate his introduction scene from the series over on TikTok. Many fans consider February 24th to be "Twin Peaks Day," as the pilot episode sees Cooper arriving in town to investigate the murder of Laura Palmer on that date, igniting one of the most confounding mysteries in TV history. While there are many important dates to Twin Peaks fans, few are as iconic and as significant than that date upon which Cooper rolled into town.

"Diane, it's 11:30 am, February 24th. Entering the town of Twin Peaks," MacLachlan shared in the video. "Five miles south of the Canadian border, twelve miles west of the state line. I've never seen so many trees in my life."

Making the video even more enjoyable is that MacLachlan appears to be riding an exercise bike with a handmade car window with requisite trees dotting the landscape. With the series having premiered in 1990, this year would mark the 30th anniversary of its launch.

Debuting at a time long before the internet became prominent, Twin Peaks helped redefine what could be accomplished in serialized television and challenged its viewers to connect with one another to analyze each chapter, not only due to its complex murder mystery, but also by embracing the absurdity of creator David Lynch and Mark Frost's visions. The series resonated well with genre fans, though by the time the pair was working on the second season, it was losing viewers, resulting in the network wanting the murder to be solved, despite the creators wanting to prolong the mystery. By the time the second season concluded, the series was in too poor of shape to be renewed, despite ending on a massive cliffhanger.

Luckily, Lynch gave us Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me in 1992, a prequel movie to the original series, which helped expound upon the first two seasons to a somewhat satisfying degree.

In 2017, Twin Peaks fans were given the unthinkable with an 18-episode third season, which saw the returns of a majority of the cast, in addition to Lynch and Frost. The Showtime series was even more absurd and ambitious than anything that came before it, confounding more casual fans and delivering a worthwhile successor to those who had been waiting for more of the series for more than 25 years.

There are currently no plans for a Season Four of the series.

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