WandaVision Does Not Have a Secret Tenth Episode After Friday's Finale

There is no WandaVision Episode 10. Announced as a nine-episode series by Marvel Studios, WandaVision will air its series finale on Friday with Episode 9, where dueling witches Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) and Agatha Harkness (Kathryn Hahn) battle it out in blockbuster Marvel movie fashion. After a talent agency incorrectly stated an actor would appear in a tenth episode of WandaVision, rumors swirled across the Internet about a secret hidden episode still to come on Disney+. Officially dispelling those rumors, series director Matt Shakman confirms WandaVision will end with a reported 50-minute finale premiering in the early hours of March 5.

Asked about claims of a secret Episode 10, Shakman told ScreenRant, "No, I haven't heard this theory. No." Asked again if Marvel will reveal a surprise tenth episode of WandaVision, Shakman said, "Gosh, I wonder who would've directed it. But we'll see. I know there was a Making Of episode the following week, so there's some continuing WandaVision in the Disney+ world the following week. But we're wrapping up our show."

One week after Friday's finale, the streaming service will release Marvel Studios' Assembled: The Making of WandaVision, a previously announced Original Special premiering on March 12. The week after that, the Marvel Cinematic Universe will shift gears when Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) and Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) soar to new heights in Marvel Studios' next new original series: The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

"I certainly hope that people find it to be a satisfying conclusion. You know, we definitely have known the story that we want to tell from the beginning, so that sense of building towards a final moment that made sense for us from the beginning is there," Shakman told ComicBook.com about Episode 9. "So I hope people find it both surprising, but inevitable, you know, the idea, I hate stories that pivot, 180 at the last minute and you're like, 'What have I been watching this whole time?' You know, Agatha Christie novels where the murderer is someone you just met pops in and you're like, 'Come on, why did I read this whole thing?'

Shakman continued, "Hopefully it all feels that it's been building momentum and snowballing towards the end. It is continuing to deal with how do you deal with grief and loss and come back from that. And then we've introduced some new players on the table as well, or revealed aspects of certain players on the table. So you now have two Visions on the chessboard, and what does that mean? Who's the real Vision?"


The final episode of WandaVision premieres Friday, March 5, on Disney+.

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