WandaVision Head Writer Reveals the One Moment That the Marvel Series Never Changed

Marvel delivered a hit with WandaVision, its first Disney+ show out of the gate, and fans are [...]

Marvel delivered a hit with WandaVision, its first Disney+ show out of the gate, and fans are still talking about several scenes from the celebrated season. That includes a few very emotional scenes involving Elizabeth Olsen (Wanda Maximoff) and Paul Bettany (Vision), and there is one moment involving the two leads that sticks out more than the others for head writer Jac Schaeffer. Schaeffer revealed that moment during an interview with the cast and crew with EW, which was the emotional goodbye between Wanda and Vision as the world Wanda created evaporated around them, and she also revealed that moment never changed throughout development.

"The day that we shot Wanda and Vision's goodbye in the house. I think because the whole show hinged on that moment. You know we were blessed in the writer's room that we knew where the endzone was. We knew were the show was going so it was never a question. Lots of things were in question. Lots of things shifted, but that was always...that's what we were gunning for," Schaeffer said. "And I had no doubt that it would be beautiful with Paul and Lizzie, and we talked about it so much and Matt came in with the framing, with the bay window, and the hex like kind of receding and coming toward them, and it was, it was so glorious and it was one of those things where like on the day you're like 'we got it'".

That is easily one of the best moments from the season, in a previous interview Schaeffer described the feeling of panic she started to feel as the premiere got closer and if she felt any pressure during the process.

"In the actual doing the show. I felt through most of the process very insulated from those kinds of pressures," Schaeffer said. "The pressure was really mostly like — will Kevin [Feige] like it? That was my day to day — will Kevin like it? And then, will I like it? Will I be proud of it? Will my team be proud of it? Are we putting something into the world that makes the world a better place, right? Those are the larger questions that I am asking myself day today. But yeah, as it got close to actually premiering, I started to panic sure, but so far it seems like it's going OK."

"You can come up with a cool concept — lots of people can come up with cool concepts. Sticking the landing is the thing that everything is judged on — how it ends up," Schaeffer said. "I stand by where the show goes, and I'm very proud of my team and so impressed and in awe of all of the collaborators on this enormous show. And it's my hope that the fanbase feels the same excitement and emotional response that we all had in making it."

WandaVision is available to stream on Disney+ now.