WandaVision: Here's How the Scarlet Witch Costume Could Become Permanent

At last, WandaVision fans got a good look at the comic-accurate suits for everyone involved in the series. Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) got the classic comics red cape and headdress look, Vision (Paul Bettany) got the crazy yellow cape, and even Billy (Julian Hilliard) got a similar look to Wiccan's costume in the comics. With only a few episodes left, is it possible the Halloween costumes we saw in the latest episode could be something that becomes permanent?

If we think back a few weeks — prior to when WandaVision ever even aired its first episode — the marketing team at Walt Disney Studios released character posters for the show's titular duo. In the poster for Wanda, we do get small glimpses of what appears to be a new suit for the Scarlet Witch.

Interestingly enough, the series has already shown us Wanda has the ability to alter matter to rearrange clothing items and such — look at Monica Rambeau's (Teyonah Parris) Kevlar vest being turned into a 1970's-era outfit. Should that be the case, maybe Wanda chooses to rearrange her Halloween costume into a new outfit.

It'd be a way for the character to continue wearing her iconic headdress, even though it was previously a part of her costume as a "Sokovian fortune teller."

There's not a clear cut reason to explain why she'd choose to convert her Halloween costume into something else more permanent other than a major traumatic event — say like Vision dying again. In fact, Vision dying again could give another reason for the twins to age up — and for them to choose to keep their superhero costumes similar to what they were wearing on Halloween night.

Just a bit of a depressing thought for you to celebrate the new costumes with.

The first six episodes of WandaVision are now streaming on Disney+.


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