WandaVision Has Been More Popular Than Netflix's Bridgerton

To say that WandaVision has been insanely popular over the course of its first season would be a [...]

To say that WandaVision has been insanely popular over the course of its first season would be a serious understatement. The first live-action TV series from Marvel Studios premiered earlier this year and has taken the Internet by storm. Not a Friday has gone by that WandaVision hasn't absolutely dominated conversations on social media. It should some as no surprise that the series is one of the biggest around. What may surprise you, however, is that WandaVision has been even bigger than Netflix's most popular show.

Bridgerton, a historical romance dramedy, has been touted by Netflix as having the streamer's most-watched series debut in history. Bridgerton has quickly become one of the most successful hits in all of streaming. But WandaVision, as it turns out, has somehow attracted even more attention.

Variety Intelligence Platform recently published data from the TV analytics provider TVision, which gives every program an "indexed audience figure." That number is a reflection of viewer impressions, showing how much more popular a title is than the average streaming title. The higher the number, the more popular the title. According to January's data, nothing topped WandaVision.

WandaVision received an indexed audience size of 8,127, meaning it was viewed nearly 8.3 million times more than the average program. That far exceeded Bridgerton, which received an indexed audience size of 6.808.

What's perhaps even more impressive is that Bridgerton has had more episodes available to viewers than WandaVision. All eight episodes of the series were released on Christmas Day, making the entire thing available to users throughout all of January. WandaVision has released new episodes on a weekly basis, and the series isn't even over yet. Not to mention the fact that the series didn't even premiere until January 12th. Only four episodes of WandaVision saw the light of day in January, but those four episodes were enough to power past all eight installments of Bridgerton.

When the numbers come in for February, WandaVision will likely post a similar level of success. The series seems to have only grown in popularity over time.

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