The Wheel of Time Has a Hidden Animated Companion Series

Amazon Studios' The Wheel of Time has bonus content that accompanies every episode that explains more of the show's deep lore. The first three episodes of The Wheel of Time are available to watch on Amazon Prime now. The new TV series is an adaptation of a popular series of novels by Robert Jordan. Much like Game of Thrones and other fantasy series, The Wheel of Time is set in a world filled with deep lore and complex politics. Although the show does a good job of providing viewers with an overview of the history of the (unnamed) world of the show, it barely scratches the surface on all the lore that helps explain more about the show. However, Amazon Studios decided to provide fans with a deeper dive in the form of "Origin Stories," a series of animated shorts that accompanies each episode.

Each Origin Stories episode corresponds to an episode of The Wheel of Time and touches on a bit of lore found in that episode. For instance, the first episode discusses the Breaking of the World, the cataclysmic event caused when all male channelers went mad as a result of the source of their magic being corrupted by The Dark One. The second episode explains the Fall of Manetherin, a city-state that once stood in the Two Rivers region. The third episode is titled "The Greatest Warder" and explains more of the relationship between an Aes Sedai and the warder who accompanies her at all time. 

In order to view each Origin Stories episode, you'll need to pause The Wheel of Time on your computer browser and then click on "Bonus Content." That will bring you to the "X-Ray" section that contains a map of the world, behind-the-scenes videos, and the Origin Stories. New episodes will presumably be released every week with every new The Wheel of Time episode. While the Origin Stories shorts aren't required viewing, they do help explain more of the lore of the show and provides some extra content and background to help keep fans informed. 

The Wheel of Time is available to watch on Amazon Prime now. New episodes are posted every Friday.