AEW: Adam Cole Threatens to Beat Up MJF Over Britt Baker Comments, MJF Says He'd Add Baker to The Pinnacle (UPDATE)

MJF and CM Punk competed in another war of words last week following Punk's latest victory on AEW Dynamite. Friedman took a number of shots at how Punk would consistently put over Dr. Britt Baker in interviews and promos, claiming the former WWE Champion was "trying to get in Britt Baker's pants." Adam Cole, Baker's longtime boyfriend, was asked about those comments while on the latest Rasslin' podcast and, needless to say, he wasn't a fan. 

"Well funny enough is, I actually didn't hear it until afterwards," Cole said (h/t Cageside Seats). "I was doing something else right before, so I had actually missed it. And to me, all I'm going to say is just — everyone loves my girlfriend. And what's not to love? She's the AEW Women's World Champion. She's one of the hottest — not women's wrestlers, but wrestlers in the world. People can't help but talk about her. And I can proudly say that I am the one who stands by her side. She's killing it, She's killing it.

"But, I will say this, if MJF ever brings her up again, Imma slap the taste out of his mouth... not bothered by it. Not bothered by it. But if he does, I'm gonna hit him in the face... Not bothered it. Nope. Nope. Not bothered at all... Proud of her, but I'm gonna knock him out," he added. 

Meanwhile, Friedman continued to bring up Baker in interviews. His interview with radio personality Josh Martinez dropped on Monday, where he said if there was anybody he'd want added to The Pinnacle faction it'd be her. 

"We're cool, man. The only person I would even consider adding to The Pinnacle is Britt Baker, and that's it," Friedman said (h/t Fightful). "She's the only person that, in my opinion, would fit the crew. Me and Britt, we go way back. We're great friends. But no, we don't need anybody else. The Pinnacle is set. We have FTR, the best tag team in the world. We have Wardlow, who is easily the best big man in the world. We have Shawn Spears, who is easily one of the best technical wrestlers in the world, and we have MJF who's the best at everything in the world point blank, period. We don't need anybody's help. We're good."

Is this all building up to an eventual program between Cole and Friedman? Let us know in the comments below! 

Update: MJF directly responded to Cole's threat while on Renee Paquette and Miesha Tate's Throwing Down podcast on Tuesday (h/t Wrestling Inc.): "[Adam Cole] said that if I talk about Britt [Baker] anymore, he's gonna sock me in the face which, listen, all respect to the boom boy, Adam's a great guy. I don't have a problem with Adam, my problem's with Punk."