Bryan Danielson Knocked Colt Cabana's Tooth Out During AEW Dynamite

Bryan Danielson took on Colt Cabana during this week's AEW Dynamite as part of his mission to demolish every member of The Dark Order en route to his AEW World Championship match with Hangman Page. "The American Dragon" picked up the win via submission, but not before he accidentally knocked out one of Cabana's teeth. Danielson then held it up as a trophy after the match. 

Danielson then cut a promo after the match, calling fans in Chicago fickle for booing him just a few months after he was given a hero's welcome at the end of the All Out pay-per-view in the same city. Page then came out to try and defend the title, but Danielson rejected the challenge since he had already wrestled one match that night. Many fans labeled Danielson's new attitude as a heel turn, though he doesn't quite see it that way. 

"I don't know what people are talking about. I thought the people of Virginia were giving me a really tough time. So, I gave them a little bit of a tough time back," Danielson said while on Busted Open Radio this week. "I don't think anything I said was wrong or even mean. To say, 'hey, congratulations Hangman Page, you are the World Champion. I am a little disappointed it's not Kenny Omega because that's who I wanted to beat for the AEW Championship. I am a little bit disappointed that you're not wrestling tonight, and you haven't been wrestling that much and I have been wrestling every single week since I've come to AEW.' I don't think any of that is overtly mean."

"I'm not going to lie, I do enjoy being booed," he added. "There's something so fun about it. So I might lean into that a little bit more. But there's nothing I said that was wrong or mean or anything like that. Now because of that, I think I am probably going to kick all of his friends' heads in. But I think I would be doing that anyway. I don't consider it a heel turn, I am just being me."

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