Here's How Tony Khan Feels About AEW Fans Turning on Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes has seen a major change in AEW fan reactions over the past year. The three-time TNT Champion was once on of All Elite Wrestling's most popular wrestlers, but ever since his program with Anthony Ogogo last year the reception he receives from fans has become increasingly mixed (and mostly negative on social media). Rhodes has talked about that change both in interviews and even on television (repeatedly claiming he won't turn heel), but this week Tony Khan gave his thoughts on the situation while appearing on Busted Open Radio

"I think it depends, a lot of it, on the opponent and the situation," Khan said. "And Cody is certainly willing to lean into that role and does a great job of it. Against a person like Sammy (Guevara), who is one of the most exciting young wrestlers out there, and the Interim TNT Champion now. I think Cody definitely has leaned into being an aggressive heel and doing some things to help extenuate the match."

Rhodes and Sammy Guevara will clash in a Ladder Match at tonight's AEW Beach Break event for the unified TNT Championship. A match between the two was originally going to take place at Battle of the Belts earlier this month, but Rhodes had to be pulled from the show due to COVID-19 precautions. Guevara then became the interim TNT Champion by defeating Dustin Rhodes. 

"I think depending on the situation and the opponent, Cody brings a lot of excitement to the matches," Khan said. "Definitely got a lot of people talking with his promo, as they often do generate controversy or excitement. I think the most important thing in wrestling is the wrestling matches, and this is a match I really believe fans will want to see and will enjoy, the ladder match for the Undisputed TNT Championship tonight on Dynamite."

"Sammy Guevara from day one has been one of the really important stars for AEW," he later added regarding Guevara. "I can't say enough about how much Sammy has improved as a wrestler, really from the beginning of Dynamite. Even though he wasn't the biggest name when the company started, he's worked his way up. Worked his way into this position, and I am really excited about the ladder match."

h/t Wrestling Inc.