AEW Dynamite: Bryan Danielson Turns Heel in Showdown With Hangman Page

Hangman Page opened this week's AEW Dynamite alongside The Dark Order to celebrate winning the AEW World Championship this past weekend at Full Gear. But it wasn't long before Bryan Danielson, the new No. 1 contender for Page's title, walked his way out to the ring. Surprisingly, Danielson was antagonistic towards Hangman, telling him he was disappointed Omega wasn't still the world champion and that Page had a long list of excuses about why he's failed in his career. He then tried to dare Page into defending the title on the spot, but when Page didn't back down he changed his tune and said he didn't want Hangman to have the excuse that "he wasn't ready." 

Page and Danielson then started to brawl, only for Dark Order to break them up. Danielson then took on Evil Uno following the commercial break. He won the match with a Running Knee, repeated stomps to the face and a triangle choke. He then cut a promo, saying he would kick in the heads of every member of The Dark Order until he got his match with Page, starting with Colt Cabana next week.

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