AEW Pokes Fun at Vince McMahon's Leg-Slapping Ban

All Elite Wrestling decided to poke fun at Vince McMahon's new mandate during this week's Being [...]

All Elite Wrestling decided to poke fun at Vince McMahon's new mandate during this week's Being The Elite. In case you missed it, the WWE Chairman recently instated a new rule banning leg slaps (when a wrestler slaps their thigh during a kick to mimic the sound of the impact) after seeing it blatantly used on a episode of SmackDown. The rule reportedly hasn't been received well backstage, so The Young Bucks, Matt Hardy and Christopher Daniels took the chance to parody it in the opening of the episode.

The scene opens with Daniels telling a joke, prompting Matt to slap his leg as he laughs. Hardy then walks up and points to a poster sign saying "No Leg Slapping While Laughing." He then orders Daniels (the Head of Talent Relations) to fine Matt $500.

"That's a weird-a— rule to do on the boys," Nick points out.

Matt responds "Look, you young kids, you're obsessed with slapping your leg. I thought it'd be an easy way to make some cash, so don't do it again."

"Maybe that's why VKM did that as well," Nick ponders.

"This place is getting to corporate," adds Matt.

Shawn Michaels, who made a career out of leg-slapping with his Sweet Chin Music finisher, was asked about the edict during a recent interview with the New York Post.

"Clearly I look back and I go, OK I did it. I just did one," Michaels said. "I'm always of the cloth, I can remember when I started people telling me too fast, too much, too this and there's a balance there. They were right in some respects and at the same time, the business also evolves and changes. Football isn't played the same. Basketball isn't played the same, so I don't know. I'm somebody that embraces those changes. I feel like somewhere in the middle and balance is so important. I appreciate the style of today. I appreciate the athleticism of the performers of today. Are they perfect? No. But neither were we."

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