AEW's Dante Martin Impresses in Malakai Black Win on Saturday Dynamite

Tonight's Saturday Dynamite from Miami kicked off with Malakai Black vs Dante Martin, and right from the bell, it was Black being the aggressor. Martin surprised Black a bit though and kept impressively countering Black's holds, but eventually Black locked in a hold on Martin's arm and shoulder. Martin used the ropes to jump off of and escape the hold, and then he hit a Shotgun Dropkick to send Black outside. Black got back in quickly and hit Martin with a Reverse Elbow, halting his momentum.

Martin went to leap off the ropes but Black caught him and locked in a hold on Martin's leg and ankle. Martin got to the ropes to break it, but Black attacked the hurt leg, kicking the back of his knee twice and then hitting him with an uppercut and a back heel trip. A Knee Breaker followed and then Black locked in a Knee Bar on Martin, and he looked in trouble.

Black broke the hold and Martin rolled to the outer ring, and while he got in a few punches, Black caught another attempt of a Springboard and looked to make him pay, but Martin got away. Martin did pull off a Reverse Hurricanrana, which caused Black to leave the ring for a moment to recover.

Martin leaped up and hit a Springboard on Black and somehow it worked, and then he went to follow it up with a Double Jump Moonsault, but he landed on his hurt leg and that caused him to have to stop his momentum. He dished out a few punches and Black got a big kick in, but Martin sent him reeling with an Enziguri. Black hit a Meteora though and then a roundhouse kick followed by a German Suplex, but somehow Martin kicked out of the pin.

Black got Martin up on the top rope but Martin fought back a bit, and then he pulled off a Super Hurricanrana, which had both stars reeling. You could tell the knee was hurt, but Martin went up top again for another big move and this time he got contact but he couldn't cover right away, and by the time he did it was too late. Then Black locked in a big submission on Martin's leg but then he grabbed his ribs and let go of the hold.

Black rebounded soon after though, and after a furious final assault, he was able to get the pin and the win. Despite his victory, Black looked back at Martin when he was on his way out of the ring with an approving look, showing some respect to Martin, who gave him a serious run for his money throughout the match.

Here's the card for tonight's episode of AEW Dynamite:

Malakai Black vs Dante Martin

Bryan Danielson vs Bobby Fish

AAA World Tag Team Championship Match: Andrade El Idolo and mystery team vs Lucha Bros.

Kiera Hogan vs Penelope Ford

Jon Moxley vs Wheeler Yuta

World Title Eliminator Tournament Bracket Reveal

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